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Cody's Picks | Best Of 2020

12/31/2020 | Cody Derrick
Renata Stone

A little over 10 years ago at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, we started doing something called "love bucket." Throughout the week, we take note when our colleagues do something helpful, something kind, or something amazing. Then in our weekly team meeting, we publicly share with our crew what we noticed privately...we acknowledge that perhaps it took some work off of our plates, or that it inspired us to some new action. I love that we do this. And in an effort to stay in the space of gratitude at the close of a (really )rough year, below are a few of my favorite stories and projects from our agents, writers, and designers at CHC. Kind of a giant love bucket to the people I work with and love.

I hope you love our content as much as I do, and I hope your own love bucket runneth over.

1. "What We Lose in the Rubble" Because someone had to say it. I'm glad we did, and you should give it a read.

2. "Use an Agent | We Can Help!" Because after all these years, I still believe in realtors. Especially ours. Click here.

3. "Personal Spaces in a Time of Pandemic" Because I really love that one of our writers used the phrase "robust vigor" to describe a bookshelf (high praise for real people making real homes real homey). Full story here.

4. "Black Lives Matter" Because they do. This was an early story and only our first steps, but the reminder is as important now as it was in June. Keep working. Click here.

5. "First Fridays | Welcoming 2021" Because all I want forever is to be in conversation with people who want to make the world a better place by expressing their unique gifts and passions. This event is that exactly...plus some tips on how we can all do that more often. Dream come true. Hurry and read/register here!

6. "Recommended Quarantine Reads" Because in this ongoing list of online articles, Amy Tibbals said that "awareness of your personal-happiness attributes offers a great foundation from which to turn that perennial frown upside down." And if she wrote that once, we should probably all read it twice. Click here for the full list.

7. "Moab Modern" Because I love our clients. I love when they sell houses with us, then decide to hire us for design. I love when we get to build something with them from the ground up. It's a gift to have folks for repeat services over the years...makes them our repeat friends. I think the first closing was 13 years ago. This project is just SO beautiful. Good job to Monty and Kristen, and great work to our design team. Project photos here.

8. "Cabin Fervor | On the Horizon" Because I love it when architecture is good enough to stand alone...but it's not so precious that the people aren't in the highlight. Story and photos here.

9. "Stay Golden" Because we're all still in process, and I need to remind myself of that every single day. Read the story here.

10."This Crazy Market | A Few Tips" Because only a cityhomeCOLLECTIVE agent (and a really kind one) can get away with offering tips like "fight dirty". It's true--this market is nuts. And if I were going to purchase a home right now (and I wasn't representing myself), I'd be hiring a cityhome agent ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. Our crew is a rare balance of tough love, strong morals, precise ethics, love of the game, and loyalty to our clients. Makes me smile...our reputation has been built over the last 15 years, one client at a time, by agents like Brian Tripoli. Read his story here.


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