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Always, always, you hear us. We’re going on and on about our city, waxing all young-love and obsessed on the ways in which we love her. As our beloved Manifesto says so succinctly, “We are enamored…for all its idiosyncrasies and backward notions, Salt Lake has nabbed our hearts. Our COLLECTIVE devotion to its betterment and growth is as good as temple-sealed.” And you know what? We mean Every. Effing. Word.

Weekend before last–on Friday, September 25th–our city once again proved to us precisely why she is so damn lovable. This is a “forever” kind of feeling, man…we’ll take it home to meet mom, it’ll join us at family reunions in the park, and we’re game for romantic walks on the beach for the rest of our lives. We’re preaching to the choir on this one, though, right? Our Brew + ‘Q was, in two words, THE BEST. Like, so very great that we can’t stop talking about it, and we hope that those who joined us in the parking lot feel the same way. From our unbelievably-spectacular sponsors to the DJ, band, and every last attendee…this was an assembly of our favorite people in our favorite place, and we’re still feeling grateful as hell. Mostly, we just want to say “thanks.” Thanks for attending, thanks for enjoying, thanks for dishing food and drink and merriment on a gorgeous Friday night. Our hope was to hug everyone there, and if we missed you, we’re super sorry…with over 1,200 bodies wandering around, we did our very best.

 Our New-Orleans vibe was in full effect that glorious night.

Thanks to the folks below, we dished bananas foster, shoyu chicken, corn grits, andouille, beignets, drumsticks, and southern fried peaches. Sound good? It was. To wash it all down, we gave you beer, wine, French 75s and Silver Fairy Frappes. Make you thirsty? You should have been here. DJ Concise Kilgore…please. That man will NEVER leave us wanting. Oh, and the surprise band that rolled through? They’re called the Salt City Saints, they’re fantastic, and you’re welcome. Now, in the interest of a more proper “thank you,” we’ll run down the list of local givers. They gave you food and drink, now give ‘em a hand, would ya?

1) Sugar House Distillery: Makers of fine-ass local vodka and rum, and the dude that was serving you the tasty cocktails all night (Jake’s the man). These guys said, “sign us up” the minute we asked, and for that, we’re grateful. We suggest you get your ass to the liquor store this instant and get yourself a bottle or three of this hand-crafted magic. Sugar House Distillery website

2) By Proxy: You know we love these ladies. Stacey Adams and Angel Mae Pearson were the two babes serving you the beer and wine you demanded. By Proxy is an event production company that we fully endorse, and naturally, we’re in love with these two for stepping up to help us out. They were called to serve…it’s a beautiful thing. Thanks for answering, girls. By Proxy Co. website

3) Salt & Smoke: We know that the crowd had some andouille, and there’s no question they loved it. These fine folks–Frody, Cassie, and Brent, that is–were straight grillin’ all night long to keep up with the demand. We adored the spicy sausage, but these good people are making meats of all kinds. Watch for a story on S&S very soon…we have things to say. Salt & Smoke website

4) Rye Diner & Drinks: Smitten. From the very start, we’ve loved them, and they returned the love so hard at our Brew + ‘Q. They did it in the form of Shoyu Chicken, grits, and southern fried peaches, and holy shit. So good. To the Jana and the girls running the grill that night, thank you heaps and heaps. And to those of you yet to eat at Rye, change your wicked ways already. Rye website

5) 3 Cups Coffee: Oh, you magical beignet whipper-uppers. You left little question with the crowd as to how they felt about your treats. The people LOVED you, and rightfully so. Our humblest bow to Amber, Robert, and Derek for being here to dish deep-fried joy to all our friends. Those who want more should wend their way to Holladay and make it happen, stat. 3 Cups Coffee website

6) Saturday’s Waffle: The Bananas Foster was No. Joke. Just enough sweet with the perfect blend of sweetness, and it’s obviously what the crowd was craving that fine Friday. We love you bow-tied fellas for saying “yes” for the second time (and we’ll be asking for a third next year, per crowd requests). Go get waffled every Saturday at the Olympus Hills shopping plaza. Saturday’s Waffle website

7) Red Rock Brewery: Does not the fact that we ran clean out of beer before 10pm stand as perfect testament to the good stuff Red Rock is brewing? Yes. Yes, it does. You’ll be seeing a COLLECTIVE story on this local maker of addictive ales soon enough. In the mean time, sip their suds as frequently as you’re healthily able at 254 S. 200 W. You’ll prob see us there. Red Rock Brewery website

8) Pat’s BBQ: This guy rolled in with a mighty-impressive trailer for grillin’, smokin’, or bakin’ — then he proceeded to dole out drumsticks, slaw, and watermelon that had people queued up across the parking lot. Pat’s BBQ is a Salt Lake staple, and we were thrilled to have Pat himself for the evening. Story to come on this character and his southern comforts (ribs, pork, slaw) very soon. Pat’s BBQ website

 We’re in sweet, tender, salty love with this city of ours, and we don’t care who knows it. 

There are a few others deserving of a slap on the back and some hearty gratitude, too…’cause making a party that successful is a COLLECTIVE effort of many. To the Salt City Saints, you were the most lively of surprises, and the people loved you. To Ursula Perry (of Repertory Dance Theater) who led the band with moooves you never seen, our hats are off…thanks, lady, for shakin’ like you do. To our after-party DJ, Nicole Nite Freq, and bartenders, Steve and Tony…damn. Way to get a party turnt in just a few hundred square feet. To our own good people who helped us run the show, grab more ice, fix the power, change the bulbs, set the tables, and buy more and more and more booze…THANKS. Oh, and to every last person who strolled into our parking lot looking for fun, WE LOVE YOU. Thanks for joining. We hope you had a hell of a time.

Until next year, Salty Comrades.




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