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Homes paired well with people is our love language.

When it comes to talking shop around these parts, it typically consists of how folks feel in their spaces. Which always leads to the senses. When it comes to highlighting places and people, inhabited homes that bring our senses to life are considered a gift. We wanna share the gift of Rae and her gem with you, your taste buds, nose, touch, sight. Please enjoy with us the loving connection that our good friend, ally, and fellow interior lover has with her inspiring and thoughtful abode. And check out her shop for more daily inspo. Happy homing everybody. 

How does your space taste like you? I imagine it would taste something rich and intricate, yet still comforting and approachable. I picture slow-simmered green chili stew but with a brightness of zesty lime and freshly chopped cilantro.

What do you sound like at home? (I answered this as what does it sound like at home) At home, it's often quiet, it serves as my sanctuary for solace and rejuvenation. The murmur of the outdoor fountain is a constant companion, especially when it rains. The roof gutters cascade water into the fountain, generating a resonant echo that fills the courtyard, sometimes it's incredibly loud and exhilarating like my own personal waterfall. My records are my go-to for curating my personal soundtrack, with Hermanos Gutierrez and Towns Van Zandt often in heavy rotation. Their music beautifully captures the very essence of the Southwest, which is where my heart truly resides.

How do the eyes of your home see you? She's quite the silent observer of my life, witnessing me through countless experiences and emotions. The dining room has seen all that is social, a host to an abundance of gatherings, often filled with laughter, animated dinner conversations, and late-night discussions. There has always been a colorful cast of artists, friends, and guests that have gathered here. I'd say she has witnessed the majority of my social life unfold here. My bathtub has been the keeper of my tears and contemplation during those long winter nights, an observer of emotions concealed from the rest of the world. The bedroom shares a similar intimacy, though perhaps it's best left unsaid what she truly knows about me.

What do you smell like together? Together we would smell like fresh-cut bell peppers and Unknown Pleasures.

What is your home with you in it? Without me, my home is a charming terra-cotta floored apartment with perfectly peach walls, adorned with weathered sash windows and an Artemis guarding the fireplace. With me in it, she transforms into an eclectic and whimsical space, representing who I believe both of us are meant to be here. I've enhanced her southwestern, bohemian flair and in return, she's unveiled my inner romantic.

Who are you inside of your home? This is the first place where I've lived alone, truly settling in and granting myself the freedom to follow my heart's desires – from shaping the decor to crafting experiences and connecting with people who have crossed my path here. Who I am within these walls encapsulates my journey through my late twenties and early thirties. The self-discovery that's unfolded in this space has been pivotal. It's here that I've truly come to know myself, where my personal interior style was unearthed, and the spark for Shadowplay first ignited. This home has been the backdrop for significant self-exploration, offering me the space to establish my identity here in Salt Lake City. It's a space where I can tap into my higher self, navigate through moments of disarray, and indulge in daydreams about the future while reminiscing about the past. It serves as a canvas for my thoughts, aspirations, and memories, nurturing deep self-discovery and fueling my creativity. My home is, in essence, my greatest muse.

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