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4/21/2022 | Ellie Velazquez
Lauren Kerr | Kerri Fukui

A new addition to the shops of Broadway, Shadowplay brings a feminine flare to the block that we’ve all been waiting for. Rae, a former intern of the Green Ant, has curated a space of vintage furniture and decor that we at cityhome are feening over. Hoping to step outside the mid-century norm, Rae primarily serves Salt Lake’s younger audience, an audience open to mixing styles and emphasizing the untraditional. 

“I wanted Shadowplay to be a store without any rules, a store with no particular style. Rather, I want people to find objects they gravitate towards, and hope those objects can aid in forming individuals’ personal styles.”

Currently serving Burlwood Buaghman tables, playful postmodern sofas, and all the best homeware, Rae and her pup Gaia are the ultimate small business duo. Rae’s eye for the perfect piece isn’t, however, confined to the walls of her shop; she’s a vital contact for SLC clients and designers, always down to hunt for your perfect piece. Shawdowplay is bringing brick & mortar back to the youth of Salt Lake, and we’re eager for others to follow their lead. 

“I encourage other young people to pursue their dreams of opening small businesses. We need more brick & mortar in Salt Lake, and I hope Shawdowplay can set an example for the types of shops people want to see here.”

Shadowplay | 171 E Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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