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Tucked between the foothills and downtown SLC (the latter of which is only 15 minutes away), Harvard Yale certainly sits among the city’s more established necks o’ the woods. Its quiet and quintessential streets are dotted primarily with bungalow, English cottage, and Tudor-style estates, although, look hard enough and you’re sure to stumble across a handful of more modern homes as well. Scattered amongst the green lawns and picture-perfect facades you’ll find a handful of stellar eateries and boutiques––hiking trails, canyons, and even more local businesses all sit just beyond the neighborhood’s boundaries. Getting in can cost a pretty penny, but the below reasons make doing so plenty worth it for those with the means: 

1. Tree-lined streets. “Tree-lined streets” might be one of the most common refrains in real estate but Harvard Yale has the giants to well-and-truly back up the claim.  While nearly every stretch in the neighborhood is nice and shaded, certain sections are lined with massive sycamores whose canopies blanket the entire street in soft, dappled light. These behemoths are striking in every season, but are especially welcome during summer months when temperatures begin to climb. Better yet, some of the streets in question meander and curve, making them stand apart from SLC’s otherwise fairly rigid grid system. 

2. Emigration Market. Although the original Emigration Market closed its doors in 2010 after serving the neighborhood for nearly 70 years, local grocer Harmon’s quickly stepped in to refresh the much-beloved spot, preserving plenty of its charm in the process. In its current form, the market combines standard groceries with plenty of local products and an extensive selection of made-in-house bakery items and cold-case goodies. Translation: you won’t find a more idyllic, more convenient place in the entire city to get your weekly shopping done.  

3. Nomad East. The neighborhood has a couple of local eateries to explore but the star of the culinary show is unequivocally Nomad East. Specializing in pizzas and shared plates, the menu here is packed with bold flavors, innovative ingredients, and creative takes on much-loved classics. Plus, a stellar drink menu and an equally stand-out brunch make this spot perfect for busy weeknight takeout and laid-back Sunday gatherings alike. 

4. Jolley’s. Another long-standing Harvard Yale staple, Jolley’s has undergone plenty of transformation over the years. Since starting as a video rental store in 1991, this corner spot has expanded to include a pharmacy, local boutique, and floral business, all housed under one roof. While sadly, movie rentals are no longer part of the equation, Jolley’s still offers a convenient, local option for those in need of everything from a prescription refill to a last-minute gift or bouquet. 

5. Miller Bird Refuge. Colloquially known as “the glen,” Miller Bird Refuge is a protected, verdant gulley that sits in the midst of the Harvard Yale. Centered around Red Butte Creek, the refuge features trails that chart along the creek’s two banks, meaning it’s an ideal place to experience a bit of natural tranquility without leaving the neighborhood. Even better: dogs are allowed here, making it a favorite spot for locals looking to tire out their four-legged friends. 

6. Laird Park. Situated smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood, Laird Park offers a playground, swing sets, picnic tables, and plenty of green space for throwing frisbees or passing soccer balls. In short, Laird’s idyllic but perfectly straightforward layout offers everything you want from a neighborhood gathering space. 

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