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Top 10 Stories of 2018

12/27/2018 | Editeam

This year has been one for the books for this little COLLECTIVE, and with 2018 coming to a close in less than a week, we're looking back at a few of your favorite (see: most-clicked) stories from the last 365...

1) Place of Worship | Heart of Glass

This year, our continual effort to celebrate SLC’s most stunning structures lead us to this whip smart modern home in 9th & 9th. A highly intentional design fitted this space with high ceilings, a wash of natural light, and an open-air atrium in the home’s center. It’s a divine lesson in creating your sanctuary wherever you see fit—one we’re happy to revisit again and again. Full story here.

2) Ross Drive | A NORTHERN STAR

Ross Drive was arguably our most character-rich listing to come up for grabs in 2018. The majority of this spot is as authentically mid-mod as it gets, and the parts that have been updated—namely the kitchen and ensuite bath—were designed to adhere seamlessly the vintage vibe of the space. And, with stellar views of the Great Salt Lake to compliment this home’s clean, bright, charming interior, it’s no surprise this one generated all kinds of clicks (and was sold by Corigan in a snap). Full story here.

3) SUMMIT PARK | Treehaus

A new-build by one of our perennial favorite architects, Chris Price, and his partners, Treehaus was one for ecologists and design enthusiasts to rejoice in alike. From the dark, angular exterior to the adeptly composed spaces within, this spot is one of the most thoughtfully crafted homes we’ve ever encountered. Plus, thanks to some serious engineering know-how, Price’s latest project is 2-3 times more energy efficient than any other house in the world, meaning it’s as green as it is gorgeous. This hillside beauty was listed and sold by Corigan in a hurry. Full story here.


4) Supper Club | salty sweet

Beyond our fixation with stellar spaces, we’re also ardent admirers of our state’s burgeoning food scene. The continuation of Supper Club SLC this past year was yet another important milestone on the road to culinary recognition for this city, and we’re thrilled to see what the coming year has in store for the talented crew behind it all. However, in addition to looking forward, we also feel it’s worth looking back at the delectable dishes, drinks, and company that were enjoyed in 2018. Full story here.

5) Gilmer Park | The ivy league

Perched above one of SLC’s most idyllic streets, this Gilmer Park spot was a clear frontrunner among your favorites, and for good reason. Spatially speaking, the interior is open, clean, and thoughtfully connected to its surroundings via some serious patio space. And, with a Harvard & Yale hilltop all to itself, this house boasts a degree of serenity and seclusion that is unparalleled among city dwellings. (Like what you see? Give us a ring—and don’t let the current “Off Market” status deter you…) Full story here.

6) To Build a House | Vol. III

This modern home, sat on a quiet street near 9th & 9th, is the architectural baby of our COLLECTIVE Commander in Chief, Cody Derrick. Over the last few years, we’ve given you all snippets into the story behind this black box dream, but this is where we gave you a first look at those beautiful bones. The space has since been completed, and we’ll be bringing you the full, stunning scoop in 2019 (and—trust us—you’re not going to want to miss it). Full story here.

7) Mid-century Condo | good mod

One of our more modest hits in terms of cost, this Mid-Century condo showed that a high price point is in no way a pre-req to landing stellar digs. Coming in at just over 1,300 square feet, this spot is as artfully curated as they come. While the updated kitchen and bathrooms are simple and light, mid-mod furnishings and a couple of dark, decadent walls and doors add a degree of depth to the space, resulting in an overall vibe that is altogether clean but undeniably cozy. Translation? When this home was listed by Cody, it flew off the shelf in a blink. Full story here.


8) Sooo...Guess What?

We’ve been known to get a touch excited about our upcoming listings, which is why we introduced our Life In Your Space series as a sort of “coming soon” for our readers. In this edition, we were particularly antsy, on account of it was Cody Derrick’s own unit in South Temple’s Maryland building. Stately and historic on the outside, moody and snug on the inside, this spot hosted one of our favorite late-night dinner parties to date—and this sneak peak probably played some small part in this spot being purchased in a hurry. Full story here.


If there was a listing in 2018 that encapsulated just how delightful a savvy remodel can be it was Redondo Ave. Packed full with vintage character but seamlessly modernized, every inch of this spot exudes consideration and intent. And, while the whole house is certainly worth gushing about, we were particularly keen on the kitchen cabinetry, bay window, and exposed beams that this spot had to offer. It's no wonder that when Leigh Anne put this one up on the market, it was snapped up in record time. Full story here.

10) TOP 6 Low-Key Salt Lake Eats

2018 was the year of the listicle at CHC, and this was the first of a few we brought to you. We’ve sung the praises on a few of our favorite sit-down spots over the years, but we thought it high time we tout the smaller joints—those counters we hit up for lunch on a work day or those menus we keep in the kitchen drawer for snowed-in nights. They’re off the beaten path, but they satisfy every time. Full story here.

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