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1. How low can you go: If taxes typically make you snoozy, you’re not alone. But living in SLC has its share of assessment perks that make the IRS website something of a fun read. Our state has stellar tax incentives for people moving here, folks. Case in point: your moving expenses may be tax deductible (check before you pack your bags). But perhaps even better, Utah has ranked #1 six of the last seven years on Forbes “Best States for Business,” thanks to our low corporate income tax rate of 5.00%.

2. All four seasons: Proper and distinct, our seasonal terms, and we solemnly maintain (now and forever) that without all four, you can’t fully appreciate whichever is your favorite. Spring in Utah is always a welcome reminder that the cold is gone (for now). Summer is lovely and packed with concerts/pub crawls/outdoor movies, but the blazing temps make everyone appreciate Fall, when the leaves change and our canyons are wicked-majestic. Then, it’s back to the big chill, beloved in our state for it’s own good reasons. Which brings us to #3…

3. Powder to the people: License plates don’t lie. Thanks to a dizzying amalgam of factors (moisture density, dry/desert conditions, storm frequency, Lake Effect, quality, quantity, consistency, scientific terms, etc.), our mountains get what’s been dubbed as “greatest snow on earth”. Argue, if you like, but our powder days are common and our mountains pretty much just outside our front doors. It’s kind of a big deal.

4. Those great outdoors: Speaking of those accessible mountains. We can tell you with great certainty that, regardless of where you live in the valley, you’re still within 20 minutes (but likely even closer) of a fantastic trail, lake, waterfall, or peak for the exploring. Pretty insane for any metropolitan area with a population of 1,000,000 to have such access, and most of our residents are pretty thrilled about it (see: Subarus everywhere).

5. The good-est neighbors: Entirely subjective, we know, but comparatively speaking, we think our city is a pretty friendly one. We say “hello” to strangers, and “thank you” to door-holders. We’re not immune to road rage, but we’re not making the “Top 10 Worst” lists, either. Our violent crime rate has been on the decline for the last two years. And given the aforementioned easy access to outdoor activities, we have the ability to quickly and quietly blow off steam with a good hike, paddle, or run. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it…my good friend!

6. Respect for our elders: Those who’ve spent time here in recent years can surely note a surge in new construction. Our little city is going through something of a growth spurt—residential and commercial new builds are springing up everywhere. But much of the construction you see is thanks to investors and contractors who are casting their attention to the “older crowd”…that is, the careful restoration of our, stunning, historic buildings. Getting them back to their former glory is a worthy endeavor, and we applaud the effort to hang on to our roots. 

7. Farm-fresh everything: SLC has one of the longest running and largest farmer’s markets in the country. Since its inauguration in 1992, our Downtown Farmer’s Market has grown substantially, taking over Pioneer Park on Saturday mornings from June to October each year. It’s an open invitation to sniff apricots, taste cheeses, browse ceramics, sample homemade salsas, and find jewelry--and every last bit of it comes to the market from within 250 miles of SLC. The entire block is a smorgasbord for the senses and a magical community experience.

8. Biggest little city: We know that’s a moniker reserved for Reno, but the sentiment still applies. We have some seriously quaint small-town vibes, but as Salt Lake continues to grow, there are new restaurants and businesses popping up all over the place. Creative and industrious local entrepreneurs are serving up a plethora of new spots to hit up, and we love it. A good place to see what’s what? Our blog. Pick your category and do some perusing…we’ll keep keeping you posted.

9. Literally anything goes: Our city is made up of myriad micro-communities, and regardless of what you’re into, you’re likely to find your people here. We’ve got subcultures on subcultures. Grown-up kickball leagues, LARPing, graphic design, bouldering, comic culture, trail running, tattoos, beer worship, yoga. All are welcome, just play nice.

10. Get the hell outta town: We love our city with our whole COLLECTIVE heart, but we also love that it’s so very easy to leave. The airport (which will be new and majorly improved come 2020) is a short 15-minute drive from downtown Salt Lake, and that’s a rare and precious thing, friends. Both I-80 and I-15 are easily accessed from all over the valley, and there are countless arches, camping spots, towns, rivers, hot springs, valleys, and mountains to explore. Not sure where to start? Check out our Weekenders series, then get going.

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