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If one thinks of Interior Design as we do, as a form of art, then one can hardly separate the two. I can confidently say we haven't authored a single space, however small, without including at least one piece of Art. Well designed spaces are deeply meaningful. They narrate a story about the people that live in them. They have a complexity that grants them the quality of being indescribable in a single word. They exude a general sense of wellbeing and ought to be timelessly gifting the space with a sense of history and a sense of the future. A well curated piece of art is much more than superfluous addition of texture and color on a blank wall. The value of a good piece of art is recognized in its ability to surpass the simplistic notion that art is primarily ornamental and for a work of art to be successful it merely suffices to be the right size and color palette in the decorator's composition. Selection of the right art piece for a space is an art within itself, one that requires intimate knowledge of its future patron as well as the space. 

Art, as the most intense mode of individualism,

is a symbiotic exchange of the experience between an artist and the individual on the other side of the canvas. They both chose to bravely let the other into their depths - a sacred transmission of feelings the artist has experienced has an otherworldly ability to transform the observer and make him/her not only think differently, but make them feel genuinely present and alive. For me as a Designer, a great piece of art is the beating organ at the center of every well designed space.

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