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For those with a proclivity for fastidious dress, Tailor Cooperative, a custom suit shop on Pierpont Ave, is a veritable paradise. A welcome departure from big box suiting stores, the pieces at this local spot—separates, full suits, tuxedos, and the like—are hand fitted and custom made with scrupulous attention to detail.

These guys do suits right.

What’s more, the entire methodology at Tailor Cooperative is as impressive as the finished threads they’re turning out. The haberdashers here are fully invested in providing people with clothing in a holistic manner, because as much as custom suiting is about measurements, it’s also about context. The store has tens of thousands of fabric options, which ensures that a client’s style goals and interests can always be paired with an appropriate shade, texture, and material. And, while the conversation surrounding this selection process can be slow going, it allows these talented folks to create each customer’s version of “perfect.” After the fabric is selected, dimensions are measured, fit is discussed, and, several weeks later, the newly made piece is all ready for pick up. Tailor Cooperative is entirely invested in the quality of all of its products and, consequently, the results are always sure to impress.

Tailor Cooperative333 Pierpont Ave, SLC

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