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We’re all-too-familiar with the age-old prohibitions of childhood. Don't play with matches. No running with scissors. For the love of god, get away from that knife. But we still wanted to get our hands on them. We wanted it bad. And it's that very juvenile urge that serves as the root of an astute new, SLC business...Social Axe Throwing

Had they been more prevalent, axes would have also surely made the list of those totally-off-limits but holy-shit-I-gotta-have-it items from our younger days. Consider, then--just consider--the pure elation that must come with chucking one full force at a chunk of wood a few feet away. Dangerous? Nah. Exhilarating? Hell yes.

That’s precisely the genius of Social Axe Throwing. A safe and controlled space to get out all those urges that otherwise might result in a trip to the ER. Raise the stakes in your get-togethers. Rekindle the romance with your inner lumberjack. Add that much-needed element of thrill to your life.

Even better, Social Axe provides plenty of ways to accomplish all of it. Bring a friend or ten and up the ante. Choose between a one-on-one duel, or team up to battle it out in a group throw-down. And, while it might require a touch of practice, once you hit that target--and subsequently, your groove--the gratification knows no bounds. 

Plus, it’s exactly as much fun as it looks.

We chatted with Brayden Floyd, the founder behind Social Axe Throwing, and learned a thing or two about this projectile-based fun: 


Give us a bit of background. How did you land on something as out-there as axe throwing? The idea came to me through social media. I follow a famous actor named Jason Momoa who posted a video at an axe-throwing venue in Canada. It looked so awesome. I did more research only to find out that axe throwing venues are pretty popular in Canada and I remember thinking "why are these not in the States?" So I approached my father Mark Floyd about opening Social Axe Throwing...he thought I was crazy at first. After doing a little more research himself, he came back to me and said let's make this happen! We then added one more partner, our partner Steve Lister came on board, and between the three of us we made it a reality!

How intuitive is this activity? Any tips for us first-time axe throwers? It is very easy to throw! We try to say that we will have you sticking the axe in under 10 throws. Most guests stick within 3-5, then after you stick a few it turns into a muscle memory. Then before you know it you're hitting the bullseye all day!! Also don't worry about pointers, because when you come into our venues we will set your group up with a coach to go over safety and training!

You’ve got a couple locations now. Congrats! Why did you choose to set up shop around our state? This state is absolutely gorgeous, and an awesome place to live if you're looking for adventure! We started this idea in Ogden City which is where I am from and it has been an awesome experience! We all know how awesome of a city SLC is and we knew that had to be our second location! Salt Lake City has been so awesome to us and really made us feel a part of the community! 

Creating a new generation of aspiring lumberjacks aside, what’s your principle philosophy behind the business? The idea behind Social Axe Throwing is to be the new social outing! We want our guests to think of us first when it comes to birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building events, family celebrations, date nights, or just your next weekend outing with friends! We strive to be an awesome experience that our guests will absolutely love and want to keep coming back to!


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