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As we’ve boasted about over the years, we love when our people’s spaces reflect the essence of who they are. I feel spaces are a materialization of one’s inner landscape and I am honored when I’m invited through the threshold. So thank you to all that have welcomed me into your home and specifically, thank you Shelby. Your space and art inspires me to be more boldly myself, and to me, that is the point of this precious life.

Shelby grew up in the woods of California and clearly has a deep love for the mysticism and beauty held in natural elements. She has creatively integrated these elements into her home and art. When visiting, I feel as though I might discover a fairy in a mossy nook or witness a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis shell, which is what is happening here.

A more precise metaphor might be a phoenix rising from the ashes.

And when it comes time to rise, the time we’ve spent creating a space that can hold us through such transitions is paramount. Shelby, fortuitously, had created such a home. A hermit’s hermitage, an artist’s abode, a queer’s quarters, whatever the name, the real importance lies within the consciously placed pillow, collage, disco ball, moss ball, fiber piece or workbench that can unconsciously ground us to ourselves when we need it most.

Shelby converted her backroom into her studio space where she’s been transmuting those fore spoken ashes into various forms of art.

Her therapist, creativity—oh my god, do we have the same therapist—has her interweaving fibers into intricate macrame, creating collages and passionately silversmithing intricate jewelry. So, you may find her hammering out her family complexities into a three faceted ocean jasper ring, weaving her neurodivergent attributes through her macrame or keeping and removing the pieces of her sexuality in her collages. In other words, she’s been busy reclaiming herself through art and we are fortunate enough to witness Shelby and her art, Friday July 28th in our cityhomeUNDERGROUND. If you’re antsy, you can get a glimpse of her fiber work at Maple Grove Hot Springs, and keep scrolling. A few special guests will be participating in the magical evening as well. Isabel Kinikini will be delivering her poetry and Isaac Shaw and Elle Rasmussen will be filling the space with their musical gifts. So, mark your calendar and your friend’s for that matter.

Art Open House | July 28th 7:00-10:00 | cityhomeUNDERGROUND 641 E South Temple

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