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Pride 2019 | Welcome to the Gayborhood

5/28/2019 | Katie Bald
Kerri Fukui

SLC Pride Week 2019 is officially here, and for those of you new to our salty scene, it’s something of a local holiday, around here. Pride is our COLLECTIVE jam, but our affinity for this, the most fabulous week in June, goes beyond our love for hot pants and rainbow flags. Yes, we're a gay- and locally-owned business, and yes, we will post up on the battlefront for equality any day. We admire those proud folks--locally, nationally, and globally--that continue to hear and heed the battle cry for equal rights, and we cherish this set of days, however small, devoted to giving visibility to those who are denied it all too frequently.

The love, positivity, and--dare we say--gaiety that Pride instills in the hearts of locals from Brigham City to Beaver is inspired, and it's a shade of tolerance that quite flatters our town, say we. To quote our manifesto, "for all its idiosyncrasies and backward notions, Salt Lake City has nabbed our hearts," and, while we've still miles to go before we rest, it's nice to take a moment to take stock of and celebrate the progress that's been made. And a big part of that change? It's all y'all.

We love where we live, and that includes each and every one of you.

This week, we hope you partake in your share of Pride shenanigans and celebratory shindigs. We hope you raise a flag of positivity over these streets of ours, and join in a hearty handshake or hug with your fellow Salt Lakers. We hope you love thy neighbor, and thy neighborhood, while thy's at it. And if you’re looking for a photo op, our building is wrapped in a giant drapery of the finest ROYGBIV--swing on by and snap a pic. We're here for you--after all, who you love is your business, but where you live is ours.

Happy Pride, everybody.
We love you, just as you are.

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