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At times, self-isolating can feel exactly like how it sounds, but the fact is—across streets and borders and time zones and oceans—we’re all aboard the S.S. Home Address together. Most folks are hitting the home office hard these days, but there’s still a handful of hours in each day when we’re not sleeping and we’re not working (and when standing in front of the open refrigerator sounds particularly appealing). In the interest of keeping our minds and bodies from turning into mush during these next few weeks, we’re compiling a list* of online classes—some free, some donation-based, and some affordably priced—for your continued indoor education. 

We'll keep adding to the list as we find resourceful, web-savvy ways to keep busy, so check back in frequently!

*Quarantining with kids? We’ve got a whole ‘nother list of things to occupy the little ones right here...


OPRAH + DEEPAK 21 DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE: What better way to navigate some of the most stressful months of the 21st century than with Oprah and Chopra at your side. It’s totally free—just create an account for access to daily audio meditations (woman puts the “O” in “Om”), motivational messages, and more. 

LOCAL ONLINE YOGA CLASSES: Stay centered, loose, and limber from your living room with this selection of classes from local yoga instructor Jacoby Ballard (most are just $5). 

AEROBIC ONLINE CLASSES: This virtual, dancehall-style class from local choreographer and instructor Nyesha MekaDayz—taught via Zoom—is a sensationally fun way to get your wiggles out. Best part: the first two classes are free! 

FREE AT HOME WORKOUTS: In response to the global population’s increased time inside, fitness powerhouse Les Mills is offering a bevy of free (and VERY intense) at-home workout videos. Stay hydrated and start slow—these here are the real deal. 

REPERTORY DANCE THEATRE ONLINE DANCE CLASSES: SLC’s own Repertory Dance Theatre on Broadway is offering a series of donation-based Zoom classes showcasing various modes of dance. Shed those work jammies for fitness jammies and get moving to styles like Bollywood, hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance. 

YALE UNIVERSITY: THE SCIENCE OF WELL-BEING CLASS: The “shelter in place” journey is fraught with the highs of normalcy and the inevitable lows of missing the outside world. For those less-than-chipper days, we recommend Yale’s most popular class ever, The Science of Well-Being, available for online audit at the cost of $0 (meaning, you’ll have access to the material, but not graded assignments and certification upon completion). Take a deep breath and enroll...let’s get happy.

12 MUSEUMS YOU CAN VISIT VIRTUALLY: Don’t let self-isolating stop you from seeing some of the most awe-inspiring art collections in the world. Click here to virtually browse the halls and walls of famed museums from the Guggenheim and the Louvre to the Smithsonian and the Met. 

HOW TO PLANT INDOOR SEEDLINGS: It’s kind of inexplicable how caring for and growing a living thing seems to nurture the human spirit so universally. While we highly suggest using this time indoors to get to know your houseplants, it’s never a bad time to learn the art of laboring over something with actual fruits (or rather...veggies) at the end. Plus, your dry storage is in need of some green, isn’t it? 

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