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There’s something eminently satisfying about learning a skill, tackling a project, and seeing it take shape using your own two hands and a bit of moxie. No matter the creative endeavor, it’s undeniably, soul-quenchingly affirmative to get shit done and make a tangible product. We’re suckers for that rush every time. Makes us smile a bit brighter, put our shoulders back, and do a little nail buff along with our, “yeah, I made that.” Fortunately for we denizens of this Salty City, the fine folks at Make + Master are ready to facilitate that DIY spirit on the regular.

But let’s get something straight from the get-go: Make + Master classes are more than glorified scout badges for grown-ups. Both as an organization and a pedagogic model, their fundamental emphasis on community and reciprocity is at the root of every course. All of the class instructors are badass local craftspeople and small business owners. Like Parker and Whitney Litchfield, the leather masters of Stock & Barrel whose class made leather messenger bags. Aubrey and Gina, the super sister apiary team behind Queen Farina Honey (a class we COLLECTIVELY attended and still gush about) gave a thorough 411 on the ancient art of beekeeping, and we made our own adorable pollinator beehouses and walked away with actual live-ass bees! Ever wanted to know how to use a sewing machine but were too intimidated by the prospect? Sarah Burrows of Annie B. designs taught a class at her studio where students designed and sewed wicked waxed canvas aprons. And, in anther class we were lucky enough to attend, the Furniture Joint’s Chad Parkinson covered basic carpentry skills and helped the gang knock together our own, mid-century-style, sexy-as-hell wall shelves. The last class of the summer season’s line up saw Jonathan Canlas, the founder of Film is Not Dead, dishing on the dying art of film photography and distributing 35mm cameras that class attendees went home with.

Our point is this: no matter the subject, Make + Master nails the details with on point branding, perfect take-aways, and a morning jam-packed with fun and information. And there's a meal, to boot: our classes enjoyed a delicious brunch by Biscuit Baby with refreshing bevvies by our friends at Vive Juicery. Says my friend Sarah Anderson of Big Cartel (she’s a fabulous craftsperson in her own right) after attending the leather-working class, “Make + Master classes are geared for men and women across a wide range of interests. I was learning a real, technical skill, and it was empowering to be in a room full of craftspeople freely sharing knowledge.” Sarah and I both loved that the instructors encouraged questions and provided basic info on where to shop for our own supplies for future projects. Lucky for you all, if you missed out on the summer term, there's plenty coming for fall semester. M+M plans to announce upcoming classes (which will start in September) any minute now, and we're thrilled to get back to making. Check out the Make + Master website below for updates, and suggest a follow on all the social medias for some pretty inspirational mojo. We’re all abuzz with anticipation for seeing what the marvelous crew at Make + Master lines up next.

In the mean time, we had a chat with M+M creator and local enthusiast, Chelsea Scanlan...

We noticed on Insta that you’re doing some pop up markets. VERY COOL. Talk to us about what's a-comin': Things are in the works, but our next big collaboration/event will be with Wes Larson (@grizkid on Instagram), a bear scientist here in Utah. This Thursday, think backyard stories on outdoor safety, rad pics/videos of Utah's wildlife, and unbelievable stories. We'll have a great dinner outdoors and a good time prepping ourselves for all our outdoor Utah activities. (Tickets can be purchased here.) Also, because of the popular demand for some of the goods, we are creating an online shop (coming soon) with some great collaborative goods with some of our makers. The waxed canvas aprons made in our Sewing class will be available, as well as hand-painted flags, some leather goods, and more. We're also working on a little something extra special for those that aren't able to make it to classes or who aren't in the area. We're working on a new way for people to have everything they need shipped straight to their door. Details coming soon! :)

Let's talk about the next class rotation. Any hints about classes/instructors to come? Next rotation starts in August. Leatherworking will be back by popular demand. As well as some other great local businesses--legit coffee brewing, straight razor shaving/beard trimming, possibly a weaving class? It's in the works :) If folks head over and sign up to receive our newsletter, they'll get first dibs on classes and a special discount.

We really want to emphasize the collaboration between local entrepreneurs and your organization, and we want to fist-bump to everyone who taught the spring classes. Any other organizations/folks you want to make sure get mad props? Church + State, Vive Juicery, etc.? Church + State has been amazing. We highly recommend the new space! Big thanks to Vive Juicery for providing juice to all students. Biscuit Baby, a new bakery located in Church & State took great care of us and provided excellent food. We had a ton of great contributors for swag and appreciate the entire community for being stoked up on what we are doing and spreading the word.

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