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The way that our local communities have stepped up in the face of this crisis is beyond admirable. As such, we’ve done our best to compile a list of some of the amazing, innovative ways you can help-or-be-helped where SLC and its surroundings are concerned. 

The list is not exhaustive, and we’ll be updating whenever we get wind of yet another great, local initiative or opportunity (stay tuned)!


Support Utah Dining: Not only does this Downtown SLC page list the local eateries that are still open for delivery or curbside pick-up (Afghan Kitchen! Proper Burger! Taco Taco!), but they’ve also got a link to Tip Your Server. Not comfortable ordering takeout during this time? No problem—most restaurants sell gift cards for future use or super cute merch (so you can let all your Insta followers you #supportlocal)

Tip Your Server: A Downtown Alliance initiative, this fundraising effort seeks to keep those wonderful folks that serve us dinner and drinks near-daily afloat during this difficult time. Think of your favorite bartender, barista, or breakfast joint…then go pitch in. 

Salt City Helpers: You’ve likely heard the Mr. Rogers story about his mother telling him to “look for the helpers” when he saw scary things on the news. We like to think that anecdote was the inspiration for this local effort, which allows Salt Lakers to request help or sign up as a helper. Spread some sunshine in your neighborhood by signing up to run errands or check on a neighbor in need (or, if you're not comfortable leaving the house, help sponsor someone in need's grocery purchase).

Next Door Helper Map: This community map, which works in tandem with your Next Door account, is the same general idea as Salt City Helpers but in a more targeted, neighborhood-centric way. Check-in regularly to see who in your 'hood might also be in need.

Salt Lake Public Library: All library locations may be on hiatus until further notice, but you can still peruse the SLCPL’s digital catalog from home. This online library is open 24/7, and offers e-books, digital magazines, music, movies, and even language classes. Go on, then. Make LeVar Burton proud. 

Salt Lake Film Society: Support one of only two Art House theaters in SLC by donating to or snapping up tickets for a SLFS movie. The picture house is still streaming their artsy flicks—at-home and on-demand (so you can eat—and drink!—whatever you want while you watch). 

HELP SLC BOOKSHOPS: If we'd like local favorites like Ken Sanders, Weller Bookworks, King's English, and the Golden Braid to be around when we come out the other side of this, we need to show them a little love wherever we can. Here's a list of local bookkeepers that offer online shopping, delivery, and discounts!

U of U Executive Education Livestream: a series run by the university, these webinars cover a range of topics and are specifically geared towards helping Utahn’s weather this pandemic from both a public health perspective as well as an economic one. They’re on the longer side, but, nonetheless, offer an incredibly useful and informative discussion between local leaders and officials on what is being done locally to help mitigate the effects of this Corona-crisis.

Warm Springs Alliance Hub: Our pals at the Warm Springs Alliance have compiled a plethora of fantastic resources, articles, and tips, and altogether handy info for this trying time. Don’t know where to start? Try here. 

Harmons Delivery: Local grocer Harmons is making browsing the aisles from your sofa super easy, and they offer local, no-contact delivery too. 

Beltex Meats: Our city’s resident meat counter is offering a “butcher’s basics” package that includes an assortment of their finest offerings and a dozen farm-fresh eggs, too boot. Better yet, it’s all available for delivery. 

FRESH VEGGIE DELIVERY/PICK-UP: SOME OF Our favorite local growers are offering limited weekly runs of the freshest produce you can find. GET to the SNUCK FARM WEBsite early in the week (LINK IN TITLE), OR VISIT VIVE JUICERY FOR AN ABUNDANCE BOX FILLED WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

Salt Lake COVID-19 Guidelines: The definitive (at least for now) word on SLC's current COVID-19 regulations. Wondering what's open and what outdoor activities are permitted? You'll find your answer here.

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