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If a home is well-loved, there are many ways that that love can show up in a space. For the current owners of this Syracuse spot, it’s in the way that their home is cared for (and—judging by the state of this home, it is loved A LOT)…

There’s been plenty of work done already, here. The covered patio’s been extended, the basement’s been made “walk-out,” and the immaculate lawn is all-but maintained by scissors. We happily took advantage of said stellar landscaping on a day not so long ago. Cold drinks, warm cookies, and one of summer’s last warm evenings…

And that’s to say nothing of the home attached to all this outdoor space.

The light-filled open layout makes admiring the immaculate interior all the easier. Neat as a pin, this one, and laid out to ensure maximum comfort. Time spent in this home is sort of effortless to enjoy—from the open kitchen to the modern fireside—and, at the end of a lovely evening, we were sad to say so long.

See, when a space is as loved as this one has been, that love comes through in spades. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Contact Candace Mau at 801.389.6667 for additional details. 


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