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“Make your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you.”

You’ll find these words embroidered into a piece of art hanging in the grand, Victorian staircase of this quaint and quirky home…and it couldn’t be more apropro. In fact, it’s sort of the vision statement for this space.

The owners of this lovely spot celebrate individuality, to be sure. When they came across the home in 2012, they knew the Gingerbread Victorian had to be theirs. Front to back, top to bottom, the walls are covered in art…a collection accumulated over years and years (said owner likens the space to Dolly Parton, which we think is spot on). Renovations on the home have been at the hands of local craftspeople, making the home itself a work of art.

We paid a visit to help them say goodbye (this one is officially on the market!) and found ourselves nestled into the wrap-around porch listening to the owner sing opera. Say we: cheers to the quirky ones that make the world spin.

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