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Life in Your Space | Finding Home this Spring

As the season changes, after the snowiest winter Utah has experienced in 40 years, we feel the excitement and itch to stretch, grow and emerge from hibernation, which was so needed to process this rich and wild life we've been living. And, who’s ready to crawl out and play? Soak up the vitamin D? Wear less clothes? Make those deep decisions we’ve been sitting on all winter? Each season has its usefulness and accepting that, makes the ebbs and flows of life that much more powerful. Spring is one of the busier seasons in the realm of home. People are ready to make moves within themselves and their lives - we want another baby, we need to create more space to grow our family, we are downsizing because we are finally empty nesters, we’re moving in together or we want to buy our first home and elevate our lives. What do we want next? What does home mean to us, now that our values may have changed with the season? What does safety mean as we process, align and decide, in order to land gently and supported as we enter Spring?

For my client, it was alignment and finding love last season that led her to the decision to sell this vibrant space, which she loves so much. The space is an environment for growth and the flood of natural light offers well-lit winter experiences - and for her, it’s time to follow love.

In addition to the home’s beauty, the places around it support a well-lived life.

The area has a lush amount of great restaurants like Table X on Highland, Roots Cafe, Real and Fácil Taqueria, Stratford Proper, Feldman’s Deli on 2700 South, and Mint Tapas and Sushi - a variety of food options to stimulate your palate. Nearby are great Coffee shops and fun bars, like 3 Cups and A Bar Named Sue with karaoke, pool and shuffleboard. Minutes away is Millcreek Canyon, one of the best canyons in the valley in my opinion. Depending on the season, it delivers mountain top hikes with beautiful views or cross-country skiing on an intimate, tree covered trail.

It’s rare to find a home like this, complete with spaciousness, high ceiling and great acoustics for some record playing dance parties. The home has a great atmosphere and views for hosting friends or tucking away for a relaxing night in. Whatever this next season looks like for you, we hope you are supported, safe and feeling rejuvenated with its presence.

Cheers to this home and this spring season!

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