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Life in Your Space | Eagle View Drive

8/8/2023 | Grace Mayernik
Lauren Kerr | Kerri Fukui

A 90’s masterpiece that’s full of style and unapologetically itself, this James Carroll and Associates home was designed intentionally to stand out from its neighbors and to go against the status quo of what an East Bench home should look like. 

A home like this is not a common sight in our Salt Lake Valley, and its presence here should be celebrated.

Organic and Emotional were the two words that inspired Carroll when designing it. The curved lines and architectural blocks create an enchanting appearance but also provide functional benefits. "Brise-Soleil," a charming French expression signifying “sun-breaker,” represents an architectural approach that curbs heat accumulation through the skillful deflection of sunlight. Those glass blocks placed effortlessly around the home have the poetic effect of insulating more than your average window pane and radiating a striking visual appeal.

Function and Beauty? Yes, please.

Rachael and I were privileged enough to spend an evening within its alabaster walls. We marveled at the sweeping openness that greets you as you step through the front door. The exquisite and thoughtfully curated art pieces adorning its interior give the residence a gallery-like ambiance, and the natural light dances magically no matter what room you're in. That has to be one of my favorite aspects of the home, that and those views of the valley. They are unmatched from any room on the main floor, but the best place to take them in, in my opinion, is on the balcony during golden hour with your loved ones.

This modern piece of architecture has had the good fortune of having owners who have embraced and meticulously maintained its beauty and original form. And now, they are prepared to hand over the keys. 

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