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The Condos at Uffens Marketplace, located just to the north of Pioneer Park, are as sublimely situated as they come. During warmer months, the Farmers Market sets up right across the street, and stand-out staples like Caputo’s Market, Bruges Waffles, and Valter’s Osteria all sit within the same city block.

translation: if easy access to fresh-from-the-farm fruits and veggies is high on your list of "must haves", this is probably the spot for you.

Aesthetically speaking, the units at Uffens are packed full of character thanks to a couple choice industrial elements: corrugated steel panels, painted wrought-iron railings, and exposed ductwork.

And they also entertain like none other. Whether you're mixing after-work drinks and people watching through those gridded windows or pouring morning coffee and flipping through the funnies on that picturesque deck, this space is oh-so-sweet.

Walkable, well-designed, and priced just right.

Contact Brian Tripoli at 801.809.9804 to find your next spot or discuss your options.

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