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A hundred or so years ago, a train line snaked its way from the valley floor, up Emigration Canyon, to the famed Pinecrest Inn and the cluster of cabins that surrounded it. For families looking to escape the summer heat, the cool mountain forests surrounding the inn offered the perfect reprieve. While the tracks have long since disappeared and the area has faded from public knowledge, our recent retracing of the route confirmed that, for modern denizens of SLC, Pinecrest still offers a serene, accessible retreat from scorching temps and busy city living. 

Over the course of the last decade, the particular cabin that we were lucky enough to visit was completely rebuilt from the ground up. Spread over three levels and consisting of almost 2,800 lovingly reconstructed square feet, the layout contains four bedrooms, ample indoor living areas, and stunning outdoor spaces galore. Surrounded by majestic firs, twittering birds, and crisp, fresh air, this spot gently encourages visitors and inhabitants alike to move at a slower pace. That said, should you wish to get your heart rate up with a walk, run, or ski, the home is surrounded by trails in almost every direction, as well as private, easy-breezy backcountry skiing access.

Intimately connected to nature and perched above the hustle and bustle of our desert metropolis, this home offers serenity in spades…and then some. 


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