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When a client’s space is as perfectly perched as this one, it takes little more than a promise of some post-work wine and bites to get us into it any ol’ time. And as this one’s sat on South Temple—just a stone’s throw away from our very own HQ—a few of us were more than happy to take the short walk over for some good views and conversation.

The Bonneville Tower, designed by SLC architect M.E. Harris, is one of our favorite salty mainstays, and, while we’re admittedly a bit partial to South Temple, it’s also been nationally recognized as one of the American Planning Associations Greatest Streets in America. So, naturally we’re pretty smitten with this south-facing spot. These thoughtfully designed French balconies—ideal for taking in twilight city views all year long—were the perfect place to toast to our client pals and wish them on their way. And, while this was a farewell gathering of sorts, we happen to think this place would also beautifully host a housewarming party.

You bring the boxes. We’ll bring the bubbly…

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