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This unit, much like the historic Sampson Altadena building it’s sat in, has a pretty strong sense of self. It’s always nice to spend time in a place that not only knows its aesthetic strengths, but how to flaunt them, as well, so we leapt at the opportunity to take a mid-day city stroll and pop by for a bit of atmosphere...

Hosting here is easy.

The original woodwork, the brick, the perfect bit of outdoor space, and the naturally lit dining room all but set the vibe for you so that you’re free to pay attention to the small details. The spatial elements all blend beautifully, providing a spotlight that allows the inhabitants to shine.

And how you shine is perfectly up to you.

Whether it's reading and tea-sipping on the patio or having coffee, croissants, and conversation with friends, this space ensures the heavy lifting is squared away in the best of ways. A mid-city sanctuary with views and vibes aplenty, this one. We suggest you snag this salty slice while you can.


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