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We’ve never claimed to be above using some canine clickbait to get folks to look at our clients’ homes, and the adorable fella pictured here is one of our resident COLLECTIVE office pups, Charlie (aka Monsieur Le Charles). He does such a fantastic job of brightening up our day to day at the office (cheering up visitors and distracting employees, alike), we thought it a cracker jack idea to bring him along to this beautiful home for a bite. But don’t let that face distract you from this space, because the locale of this off-site luncheon is really something special.

Floor plans don’t get much better than this...

We love how the kitchen blends so seamlessly into the dining area (which, in turn blends effortlessly to the living room…and so on to the covered outdoor patio).
The main bedroom is a spacious one, and there are even connections for a second laundry set in the walk-in closet. The striking design of the home is allowed to shine through, in large part, due to the surplus of storage here: the oversized 2-car garage provides plenty of it for cars, skis, bikes, boxes, holiday decor, and all sorts of bric-a-brac. Add in an easy access to freeways and ski resorts, and you’ve got something pretty remarkable.

Want to see how good this space feels for yourself? Give us a call for a private tour—we’re happy to bring Charlie along, too.

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