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Everything about this home radiates sanctuary.

It begins in the morning with breathwork, some incense and a little yoga under a canopy of trees. It’ll change your life. Waking up to the sun shining into your room and to the sounds of water spilling into the small pond in the backyard will do miracles for grounding one’s nervous system. With the door open, you can hear the sound of the waterfall from anywhere on the main floor, making every space feel peaceful whether in the kitchen cooking or reading a book in the living room. The home’s interior is intimately connected to the outdoors. Its multiple decks and second entrance off the kitchen make it almost impossible not to find yourself outside just as often as you’re in. Some of the outdoors has made its way in. Love that tropical wall treatment at the coffee nook and the half bath playing birdsong when you enter?

The home was built in 2005 after a fire claimed the previous residence, and you can see the modern layout and updates generally found in newly built homes. The primary bedroom comes with its own en suite bathroom complete with soaking tub and double walk in closets. The lower level has tall ceilings and large egress windows for light and safety. And when it’s time to have friends over, the kitchen has a stylish, open design that makes entertaining stress free.

For me, it’s the front porch and that swing that calls.

Staring at those big, beautiful trees in the yard and greeting passerby makes it a place of peace and solitude, a place to really be home and in your body. I can’t wait to see how the next owners occupy this home and the effect it will have on them.

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