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The honeybee. We are not so different from these busy pollen gatherers. Like us, they are communal. Like us, they wiggle their bodies when excited. And, when conditions are right, they experience something akin to happiness. Like us. Our connection to them dates back thousands of years, and they are the only social insect to be partially domesticated. So what is it about the honeybee that has made such an indelible mark on us?

For one, bees symbolize a society that works for the betterment of the whole.

Each bee does its part in providing for the colony. What a noble aspiration. The social ties that hold bees in a hive together are the same qualities that bind us, compassion and collaboration among them. (Did you know when it gets cold enough, bees cluster into a ball and take turns rotating in and out of the center where it keeps warm and cozy?) The importance of community cannot be understated. We are all part of the fabric of what makes this city what it is, and, without community, who among us can make it?

Another reason why we’re so fond of these little darlings is that they make honey. And it tastes so damn good! Fun fact: Honey is the only foodstuff that contains all of the necessary nutrients to sustain life. Take that, avocado. 

So the next time you see bees busy at work, like the ones camped out on our rooftop, perhaps reflect on your hive and ask how we can be noble in our aspirations within our community.

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