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There are myriad reasons that folks seek out the help of cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. Those in the market for a home, for example. Those looking to sell their current space or design a room/house/restaurant. These are all good reasons to give us a shout. But what you may not know is that we also deal in fantastic and unique locations. The kind of locations that would be perfect for commercial filming, feature-length flicks, or an advertising photo shoot. We know people, and we've got places, and the cityhomeCOLLECTIVE location agency will guide you through the process with a loving and knowledgable hand: we'll find your perfect space, negotiate contracts and fees, walk you through paperwork, staff the location with an onsite rep, and do our damnedest to be sure that everyone involved walks away whistling.

we've got access to some of the most jaw-dropping, eye-popping locations in Salt Lake City.

When Pascal Payant, a French-Canadian filmmaker, needed the perfect location(s) for his upcoming film, he rang up cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. Bottom line: we've got access to some of the most jaw-dropping, eye-popping locations in Salt Lake City. All told, Pascal chose to shoot a portion of On the Horizon in none other than Cody Derrick’s South Temple condo at the Maryland. A stellar decision, we think. And now that the film is finished--and has successfully made its rounds through the festival circuit, where it won multiple awards--we wanted to learn a little more about the film, why Pascal chose Utah, and how on earth he had the good sense to find us. Read on, good people.

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Give us a run-down of On the Horizon. What's the film about? The film is a road-trip love story about two people in a toxic relationship. They escape in the hopes of hoping to making things work one last time. I wanted to create a film about my vision of love. It's a film about communication, being able to deal with our inner demons in order to have a stable emotional relationship.

What location types were you seeking out for the film, and what roles did you see them each playing? The locations are big characters in the film. It takes place in three locations--France, Salt Lake City, and southern Utah. In France, we had the chance to shoot in a stunning castle in the city of Angers. It's one of the most beautiful places. In Utah, we shot in Salt Lake City, the Bonneville Salt Flats, and St. George. Each location brought something unique to the mood and visual aspect of the film. When you make a film, it needs to be GRAND. You want to have a "wow" factor. I love the downtown vibe of Salt Lake city, the colors, the night lights...but mostly the fact that all around you have options such as Bonneville Salt Flats. I wanted to have easy access to all those places without having to travel too much with my actors. The first 30 minutes of the film take place in St. George, and national parks like Arches and Zion.

So, in your hunt for the perfect places, how'd ya find us? In my search for great condo locations, I Googled so many sites with no clear choice presenting itself. Then I found cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, and there were so many great options. I was debating the use of so many…they all looked perfect for filming. Then I found a Google image of the owner's home. It was perfect.

"When I found Cody's stunning apartment, it was perfect for Kate's character."

What was it about Cody's condo at The Maryland that struck a chord? When you make a film and choose locations, you need to pay attention to the details, the design. That can either make or break a scene. When I found Cody's stunning apartment, it was perfect for Kate's character. The design itself was rich and detailed…it had a film-like quality. So many layers in the design of the condo. I was impressed. We shot the scene and it came out perfect. The actors brought their magic into the place to create the perfect harmony.

Any unexpected challenges or pleasant surprises during production? It went great. The most pleasant surprise was the condo design…there were props all over the place. Accessories that I didn't plan, but they made the scenes stronger. The film was full of surprises, mostly the weather. That's what's great about filming in natural elements...you have to be prepared to change your idea at a moment's notice. On the Salt Flats, we were supposed to have a great sunny day, but instead, we had one of the biggest storms that I ever had the chance to witness. It hit us so hard...but it made the scene so unique and real. The characters were having an argument, and doing so in the midst of a storm made the scene authentic and raw.

"We've won 8 awards so far, and we've been to 21 festivals."

How has On the Horizon done? The film is doing great. We've won 8 awards so far, and we've been to 21 festivals. It's now available on Itunes, Amazon, Google and Blu-ray at www.onthehorizonfilm.com. What made this film so unique is that it was all done with no crew…but you have no idea when you see it.

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