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One thing I know for certain, we are energetic beings not separate from one another and our environments.

Our neighborhoods do not have clearly defined boundaries and no amount of red-lining, or other deliberate means of division and oppression, past or present, can keep communities from integrating. Our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual borders with others, and within ourselves are dissolving. As we develop over the course of our lives we become more aware of how fundamental our wellbeing is in relation to the wellbeing of others. What surrounds us on the outside, as well as what makes us up on the inside, becomes our balanced imperative. If we spend too much time on what is outside of us, our inner state can become weak and malnourished. If we spend too much time on the inside, we can become isolated and lack awareness for the concerns of our fellow humans, the environment and our personal and shared living spaces. So balancing our inner and outer health, the micro and the macro, the esoteric and the exoteric, the introvert and the extravert, becomes a major focus as we grow up. To recognize that our homes impact our bodies and our homebodies impact our houses, and how both impact and influence our communities and relationships, is the work of cityhome. Always has been, always will be. We love architecture and interiors that are inspired by beautiful souls and we love the creative makers who adorn them. Our clients come to us because we care both about how they are on the inside and how the outside honors and reflects their Truest Selves. 

We are continuing our conversations at cityhome regarding all things home, both in body, in our houses, and communities. Our cityhome lounge has been such a refuge over the last decade, from healing justice gatherings, a quiet place to read and reflect, live music, to being inspired by brilliant educators and creatives, let's keep connecting, sharing ideas, and just being with each other. Our underground continues to house local art, movement, breath work, sound mediations and all the things for our inner wellbeing. As designers and property brokers we find that it is our privilege to offer you what we do best - create space for people here in our city to feel at home. The balance of our mid-century building on South Temple is a container for all that we do - our creative studio, our boutique brokerage, our community lounge, and our underground. You are invited to be a part of all of them, as clients for sure, but for our neighborhood allies as well. Because when it comes to living well, we love to talk about it, but more so, we love to simply be about it. If you are a past, current or future client, a fellow home lover, a creative, a caregiver, a lover of the body that is your house, working to balance your inside world and your outside environment and would like more information on a few of our weekly and monthly offerings at our home on South Temple, hit us up. You will likely find other folks who would agree, we are all affecting the world around us and the world around us is affecting us, so the best way to change the ripples we are putting out is to address the cause, ourselves. From our grounded centers and happy bodies, let’s make the spaces around us shine more brightly this year. Cheers to all of us doing the work of returning home, together. 

XOXO — Cody

Call/Text us at 801.718.5555 or email [email protected] for more info and to RSVP 


Morning Offerings  |  January - March 2023 

Tuesday (weekly) Yoga 

Wednesday (monthly) Community Coffee

Thursday (weekly) Qigong

Monday - Friday (by appointment) Lounge 

A bit about the teachers, the classes and the offerings… 

Yoga - Kavita Bianchetti has been practicing yoga and Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) for as long as she can remember. At this stage of her practice, Kavita pays close attention to the most subtle aspects of yoga, breath, and the way we attend to ourselves. Her style of practice, which she’s done for over a decade, reflects her traditional roots in India. Kavita believes all bodies can benefit from exploring a regular practice. Class is open to all folks, all bodies, all abilities.

Qigong - Scott White has practiced movement medicine for over 20 years. He uses Qigong to help folks access and optimize their potential in business, relationships and personal fitness. Qigong is a gentle practice of slow steady movement that shifts us into a healing mode, helping still the mind and open the heart. This class is especially gentle and open to all folks, all bodies, all abilities.

Community Coffee - We have been gathering once a month for coffee - sometimes on the front lawn, incense in grass, and sometimes in our lounge amongst design/home/wisdom books. We love bringing people together to share ideas and meet neighbors, other creatives or fellow home lovers. The coffee is on us, the conversation is up to you. 

Lounge - If you are a friend of cityhome and curious about scheduling time in the lounge for a community meeting, alone time for you and a book, a lecture series online with our cityhome values and our love of all things houses and community, connect. We will be happy to explore lounge options with you.

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