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12/29/2021 | Cody Derrick
Kerri Fukui

One thing I know for certain, is that people are affected by their homes, homes are affected by their neighborhoods, neighborhoods bleed into each other and each of our causes, beliefs and hopes intersect. For seventeen years this month, we at cityhome have been helping folks as best we can recognize that how, where and with whom we live, matters. The last couple of years have opened our eyes to our impact on others and others impact on us. 

As we choose how to live in 2022, my sincere hope is that we can continue to realize the joy in our connections and that we can do good by those that live in this city with us, our beloved neighbors.

My hope is that we will continue to be a community hub for people who desire to live well. We have such a beautiful vantage point at cityhome. We get to see clients connecting with each other over purposeful causes and see neighborhood coalitions taking shape right in front of our eyes. We get to introduce non-profits with small businesses and participate in conversations daily that remind us that our ties to home, human and community are as interconnected as the molecules in the air we breathe. 

We will continue to offer our spaces and share our wisdom and expertise with this city, but what we offer the most of, is applause. We see you. This has not been an easy couple of years, and yet here you all are, being brave and making a difference. We see you feeding the unsheltered, marching in the streets, raising your kids, loving your neighbors, speaking your truth and listening to each other. 

We live in a very special place, made spectacular by the people who live here who are showing up, growing up, and lifting each other up. This next year will have its challenges for sure, but this next year will also have you in it. So whatever shelter, neighborhood, or mind space you may find yourself in, do me a favor and take a moment to remember that the greatest home you’ll ever live in, is the one you call you. Be good to yourself and know that we are here, whether your house needs a kind plumber, you need a recommendation for a house therapist, a talk therapist or a physical therapist. 

We know good people and would love nothing more than to continue spending time this year connecting all of you with each other, and you with us. Because we really are, with you.

Happy New Year friends!


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