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Find Your Space | Vol. Eight

12/10/2015 |
Matt McDowell


It seems that just when we think we can't possibly be bursting with any more praise, gratitude, and straight up L-O-V-E for the slew of clients we call COLLECTIVE family, we turn around, see another (beautiful, brilliant) smiling face, and we're weepy all over again. At cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, we preach a few principles above all others: We are believers in the church of fine design and well-executed architecture. We are members of the flock of form and function, and we steadfastly believe that beauty, in all her forms, is a blessing. One of the ways we get to express this love of clients and design best is through our Find Your Space campaign. In each ad, we feature a client that we've helped find their space in some way. We helped him find a modern on the hill; we helped him find a cozy, eclectic condo, and we helped them find a mid-mod in the Cove. Buying, selling, designing; we love on our clients like they were family because, truth is, they are. Our COLLECTIVE tribe is tried and true, and we're thrilled to spout all the sensational things about them and their homes.

we had all the makings of an effortlessly-magical holiday photo shoot. 

As luck would have it, the call for our eighth Find Your Space ad came just in time for the season of counting blessings and giving thanks. While thumbing through our Rolodex of favorite families, we found ourselves dreaming of the Smiths. The Smiths. One of the most dazzling, dashing, entertaining, and exceptional forces of nature on this green earth. We knew that if Zach and Janelle--two of our very favorites, as people go--and their brood of stylish kiddos photographed half as well as they look in real life, we'd be set for our winter ad campaign. Seriously, this is one dapper clan. We don't know anybody that can pull off floral on floral on floral with as much steez as the eldest, Zander; Ozzie served tough-but-adorable with ease all afternoon (and while sick-as-a-dog, mind you); and little sis, Zakrie, is a super cute spitfire that came damn close to stealing the whole show. Throw in pup, Russell (who basically started popping poses from the minute we arrived with our gear), and we had all the makings of an effortlessly-magical holiday photo shoot.

It's the perfect fit.

We had a little something to do with the snazzed-up interior of this space (and, since Cody helped them snap up the 9th & 9th home in 2009, you could say we had a little something to do with the exterior, as well). Last year, the family elected the help of our own Andrea Beecher to help with the re-design of an amazing patio (story coming soon!) and the main living space. The personality of the design matches that of this vibrant fam--it's a direct reflection of the varied personalities and super fun vibe of this tribe. The color palette is killing it (moody greys and gold--c'monnn...), and there are tons of quirky, colorful details thrown in for good measure: that statement Bill Murray pillow (we die), some well-chosen wallpaper on the south and east walls, a neon sign, and a massive, comfy, bad-ass couch (fully conducive to family gathering). All bases are covered for fashionably-functional family living. It's the perfect fit.

We think the end result is equal parts elegant and warm.

Few of our COLLECTIVE endeavors have been as easy as this photo shoot was to direct. The wardrobe--the family's own, and hand-selected by each member--perfectly complemented the decor and our cozy + classy vibe. Mr. Matt McDowell recorded the behind-the-scenes goodness with ease, and George Oakley, as always, came through with the winning shot (in record time, we might add). We think the end result is equal parts elegant and warm; it's a tricky combination to pull off, but the Smiths do it well. You can get a wee peek of the final product at the bottom, or you can wait for the final, gorgeously-printed, winter Utah Style & Design ad to come out in a few weeks' time. It portrays a few of our favorite F-words quite flawlessly: form, function, and family.

Happy Holidays, ya' filthy animals.

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