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There’s no two ways about it: this year has been a wild one. And as summer is in full swing (and COVID also appears to still be in full swing), we’re finding folks are having to get just a little more creative when it comes to finding fun, “pandemic appropriate” activities (and yes, that still feels weird to say). As we’ve got a few new homes for sale* in the Holladay area, we’ve recently found ourselves spending a bit more time in this southerly ‘hood. And, in the interest of passing on some good insider info we’ve picked up along these streets, we've compiled a few of our favorite places to visit for takeout/COVID-modified activities in Holladay Village.

SOHO FOOD PARK: This Holladay staple regularly rotates appearances by some of our favorite local businesses, including Freshies Lobster Co, Bomb Dilla, and Yoshi’s. Check out the park's Facebook page for a regularly updated calendar of vendors. Click here for more info.

CAPUTO’S: Apart from their amazing selection of fresh deli eats (available for takeout, delivery, and distanced dine-in), one of SLC’s favorite delis is offering workshops wherein locals can learn about specialty cheese and get familiar with the different food preferences of cultures throughout Europe. Armchair travel, here we come! Book your seat here.

3 CUPS: This Holladay roaster is still serving up some of our favorite bean-based beverages (both takeout and patio dining are available), but 3 Cups has also started up a series of workshops—all with COVID precautions like temp-taking and distanced seating in place. The next scheduled class incorporates a mindfulness practice for connecting with plants to evoke creativity while bringing natural beauty into your space (and couldn’t we all use a bit more of that right now?). Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on upcoming classes. Click here for more info.

HARMON’S HOLLADAY: This southerly staple offers a slew of “to go” snacks and meals that make the perfect addition to any hike or park-side picnic. You can also check out the Harmon’s blog for lots of helpful info about nutrition and easily packable snack ideas for all manner of outdoor adventures. Click here for more info.

*BONUS: If living within steps of all the aforementioned goodness sounds enticing to you, we suggest taking a peek at some of our available homes in the Holladay neighborhood right here.


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