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COLLECTIVE Clergy | Mark

4/6/2017 | Amy Tibbals
D'Arcy Benincosa

You’ve likely seen this fella’s dapper mug on the site a few times already. Mister Mark Seely is all square jaw, dotted chin, and disarming smile seated justly on a thick, tattooed neck. As ever, Mark’s answered a few of my questions for the sake of this week’s COLLECTIVE Clergy highlight, but we’ll get to that after I give you my take on the hunk. He’s ship-shape, this one; been in the real-estate game for some time, and his prowess shows itself in the form of good, old-fashioned confidence. Mark’s stature can only be described as “bouncer,” but he’s more of a hugger than a brawler, really. He’s a big REAL fan, and an artist of the highest order, and you’d be well advised to get yourself a piece of his unending talent [available at Concept Gallery]. Oh, and I love his vocabulary. A real prodigious and perspicacious compeer, this guy. Find out for yourself…

There’s an exhaustive list of places you could be living. Why are you in Salt Lake City? Born and bred. I love SLC. My people are here. Anything that our city is lacking gives us the unique opportunity to be a large part of its creative metamorphosis. I think Utah, in general, breeds truly innovative people because one may not be immersed in the arts, significant architecture, etc. by default comparatively to other more metropolitan cities…we must seek it out or create it ourselves.

You once told me you love ABBA. Speak on it. Let’s face it, ABBA is amazing. I’m a fan of any music, really, that affects mood one way or the other. Powerful music. Serious opera, metal, classical, and of course, ABBA. Puts a smile on my face every time.

Your ideal living space…describe it to me. Brutalism. Formed concrete, clean lines, expansive windows, oxidized metal, vintage furniture, art, books…all very moody. Like my music, I suppose. I’m a modernist through and through and have worked in design, furniture, and interiors prior to real estate. I am a sucker for turn-of-the-century buildings with über-modern renovations, for sure.

You’re dumb-talented on a canvas. When did that start? Why do you love the arting? It’s something I’m compelled to do. My therapy. “Quod me nutrit me destruit” kind of thing. Since I was a kid, I have always been artistic. Formally, I had a traditional training in portraits, figures, landscapes and what have you, whereas my work today is the last decade or so of honing my style — truly unique to abstract art I’d say — through experimentation and systematic bending of rules. Perpetual change.

Is this the right time for you? Or would Mark have thrived in another era? Hmm, I do love the present, but I’ve always felt I would have made a fantastic viking.

Tell me something you can’t stand: Mediocrity. The stagnation of humanity. Be terribly amazing or amazingly terrible.

Tell me something that you f*cking adore: Passion. Honest, unadulterated truth in living and loving and interacting.

Let’s say Daryl Hall and John Oates start throwing punches over a woman named Tawny in a white leather jacket with mad fringe and majestic shoulder pads. How do you see the fight going? Yes, please.

Give me your take on our COLLECTIVE: It’s family. Basically all of what I’ve been saying here thus far…the time, the place, the feeling. Passionate people making our lovely city more lovely by the minute. It’s the gauntlet of personality types blended into a god-damned tasty soup I’m proud to be an ingredient in.

What about that which we might be lacking. Any thoughts on how we can be better at this? Hmm. More Mark Seely art on the walls? Investors, perhaps? I’d love to design, build, renovate more homes, as well as pair people with them. Modernism as a focus, rather than a style or trend. Design with form and function to withstand the test of time.

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