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Boone lands within our fold equipped with a unique perspective on life. As a young man, his parents (both artists) instilled in him a keen eye for the composition of space and an appreciation for the relationship between form and function. This perception for good design led him into careers both as an accomplished product designer and acclaimed photographer. (Thanks, mom and dad). His lifelong passion for adventure + travel has made him a central figure in the global development of climbing, and it’s the pairing of these two skills– the eye for good architecture and an eclectic knowledge of how different cultures define home– that makes him eminently qualified for the task at hand, that is in helping you find a place perfectly suited for you.

You're an agent here at cityhome. Tell us why. What led you to this work? cityhome's the place for me, I’ve always admired the vibe and aesthetic here. When my wife and I relocated back to SLC, after living in Portland, Oregon for a number of years, we used cityhome to purchase our place. That was in 2018. That entire process over-delivered, it was well informed and genuine, the best experience I’ve had purchasing real estate, ever. Career-wise, I’ve been able to blend my creative interests with my active lifestyle. I've been a professional photographer for over 20 years, but nowadays I’m only shooting select assignments and personal work. A large portion of my photography has centered around climbing and travel. I’ve also spent time shooting architecture and interiors, focussing on modern, and mid-century work that I find inspirational. I have a deep appreciation for well designed spaces, and interacting with them has a calming, quieting effect on me. I enjoy helping people find that needle in a haystack that they’re looking for in a home, whatever that means for them.

Do you remember when home first started mattering to you? Forever. I was six years old when my parents designed and built the home I grew up in. I remember them not following or doing what other neighbors were doing, and their rationale was explained to me in a way I could understand back then. So from that young age I became aware of space and its effect on us as we interact with it. Home is that place where we recharge, but it’s more than that too. It’s not just a location, it’s a state of mind, a distinction that became really important to me while traveling constantly as a climber and photographer.

Describe your perfect home or space. What does it look/feel like? Home is open, inviting, and not cluttered. Quality over quantity. Location matters. I prefer natural light and indoor-outdoor flow. In the end though, it just has to feel right to me. I appreciate the discovery process –like an easter egg hunt. It’s why I don’t mind walking through a bunch of different places in order to find the right one.

You could be living anywhere, really. Why SLC? That's easy. It’s the best geographic location if you want easy access to climbing, skiing, mountains, desert, cold, hot, an international airport… the list goes on. There’s no other place in the U.S. that checks all those boxes. Simply put, I’d rather live here and travel for other interests than live someplace else, wishing I were here. I’ve tried that and I always come back.

Describe your perfect day. What, exactly, does that look like for you? I wake up naturally, pretty early, pour a coffee, and do an hour or so of yoga. That’s my baseline for a good day. A few days a week I prioritize some time to climb or ski or skate. It’s vitally important for me to be outside moving, and I prefer unencumbered activities that are physically and mentally challenging. I’ve also come to realize I need some creative activity, could be writing something, finding some inspiration someplace, making a photograph or solving a puzzle of some sort. I know that sounds vague but it’s always a moving target based on how I’m feeling. Oftentimes I’m able to apply my creativity to how I generate income, like with photography. As a real estate agent it’s an opportunity for me to solve a puzzle. I ask, “what's the order of priorities and how can I match those with available means?". It’s a simple equation but not necessarily easy to solve when the stakes are so high. I do enjoy the process though. All this being said, there’s still plenty of time left in the day to be present with family and friends and to chill.

A sample of Boone's past work

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