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COLLECTIVE Clergy | Miriem

3/6/2017 | Amy Tibbals
D'Arcy Benincosa

Over the last few weeks, we’ve dished some deets on a few of our faves that work at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. Thanks to the recent gossip, you know now that Katie loves puns and Paris washes her hands excessively. The gal you see in this week’s COLLECTIVE Clergy installment may be a slightly less familiar face–that is to say, she’s something of a newbie to our COLLECTIVE crew. But really, that just makes our little Q&A all that much more enlightening. Miriem Boss is a whirlwind of a creature. She came to us on the recommendation of her brother-in-law (a man on whom we’ve had a crush for, like, everrr), and she started hustlin’ pretty much right away. I know quite a lot about Miriem, given that I’ve known her for so little time, primarily because she lurves to talk. If she were a Friends character, she’d be a dead ringer for Monica Gellar (“rules help control the fun!”). Her middle name is Suzann, and she adores baking, musicals, and old films like Meet Me in St. Louis and G.I. Blues. Oh, and she generously bought me some red wine skin-exfoliating pads for Christmas. I plan to drink them in short order.

Describe your perfect home or space. What does it look/feel like? I have always tried to tell a story with my home. I don’t like it to look like a magazine because a lived-in space feels cozier to me, but I still like showing my style. In the end, my home feels like it was curated by an eclectic, feminist actress in an Alfred Hitchcock movie being filmed in Miami.

One thing you absolutely cannot stand: Store-bought syrup or frosting. They are both items that take 5 minutes to make and taste WORLDS better when they are homemade. It’s all in the homemade details for me.

One thing you absolutely, unequivocally LOVE: I love culture. I love to experience and understand a new aspect of someone’s culture so that I can better understand the people I meet and why they see the world the way they do.

You’re our Operations Manager…which means you work directly with our agents to help them be successful. What lead you to this? I actually originally wanted to work in marketing and advertising, but in college I realized how naturally suited I was to being a manager. Though I still have a pull toward client relations and marketing, I love working with agents to help them reach their personal goals. I have a knack for seeing the processes necessary to fulfill a dream and I think that’s best used in management.

Give me your take on our little COLLECTIVE. cityhomeCOLLECTIVE is an idea that moves people to live the life they want. We can do that through acquiring homes, killing design, fostering education, etc. Ultimately, we want to help people figure out what “beauty” means to them, then help them to live in it. We don’t have a standard for who we serve…we help anyone who needs our help. We give people a new religion…love where you live. We aren’t rebels without a cause. Our cause for rebellion is to live a better life. Rebellion for the right to turn our dreams into reality. We serve and we dream and we love where we live.

Describe your perfect day. What, exactly, does that look like for you? I would sleep in, then go to brunch in sweats, where I would eat Eggs Benedict AND Norwegian Pancakes. I then would go to a history museum of some sort and a movie, complete with popcorn and Dr Pepper. Cuban sandwich for lunch, then spend the night at a state fair and a baseball game. Round it out with good friends in my living room, eating a dessert that I made, and having deep conversation. So, yeah…a pretty mellow day. ;)

Favorite read/watch: My favorite book of all time is Tarzan of the Apes. Most people haven’t read it and it is one of the greatest books ever written. I am a huge movie fan so i don’t know that I can pick a favorite movie but Top 3; Good Will Hunting, Rear Window, and Gone with the Wind.

Opening bottles of champagne is terrifying. What if the cork makes just the right trajectory adjustment and flies into my right eye? What are you scared of? For as long as I can remember, I have imagined breaking my teeth out every time I walk down a flight of stairs. Also, despite having flown several hundred times in my life, I have a panic attack every time I fly.

You could be living anywhere, really. Why SLC? I actually hated Utah when I first moved here from Japan at 17. It seemed antiquated and the people seemed closed-minded to me (mostly because I was a know-it-all teenager who felt SO enlightened having grown up in Tokyo). In my adulthood though, after moving to Salt Lake City, I saw Utah with new eyes. Specifically, I saw it through the progressive and lively lens of Salt Lake City. I love that there is life in the city, yet you have the beauty of a small town. People are friendly and kind while still working their butts off.

How do you think we can improve this fantastic little slice of our nation? Where are we lacking? I think that SLC is on the right track with its new development and growth. The only downside to SLC right now is that it needs more social spaces and events. In a city where a lot of residents don’t frequent bars, it would be amazing to have a place for people to socialize and meet each other that isn’t around a dance floor.

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