Updates + Love Notes

Another year, another stellar Brew + ‘Q come and gone…and we can’t get these deliriously happy smiles off of our faces. See, there are few things we love so dearly as showing our love for the local streets and peeps we love with such ferocity. And when said peeps show up for us in droves? Well, we can hardly contain our COLLECTIVE giddiness.

Food, brew, and all of YOU...

These are a few of our favorite things, and they all came together with such pitch-perfection just a few short Fridays ago. Yes, this party takes months of planning, and yes, it’s all over in just a few short hours’ time, but it’s a night we live for, year after year, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’re many thanks due to many of our COLLECTIVE crew, but there’s also a hearty “THANK YOU” we’d like to shout in the direction of a few fantastic local vendors whose participation made the night.

Pat’s BBQ: Every year. EVERY. DAMN. YEAR. Pat’s has been with us since the beginning, and their gung-ho-edness is something we look forward to at every ‘Q. Your sliders are perfection, your slaw is divine, and your smiles have us coming back for more, time after time…

Yoko Ramen: The night was chillier than many parties of the past have been, so we were over-the-moon joyful for the piping-hot, seasoned noodle-y goodness that Yoko provided. It warmed our bellies and it warmed out souls. Thanks for turning up, pals.

JDawgs: No parking lot party is complete without a grill, and the crew from JDawgs held it down like nobody’s biz. The gorgeously grilled dawgs, fixins, and the special sauce flowed freely. And it was good. Many thanks for your support, friendos (and here’s to many more lunch breaks with you in the future). Hot diggity dawg, indeed.

Havana Eats: As the night progressed—and as our wine cup ranneth over—chicken empanadas and fries were just what we needed to fill up and keep dancing the night away. Thanks for joining us, y’all. Your crisped-to-perfection eats saved the night.

Pizza Bus: It was a bright red school bus filled to the brim with cheese- and pepperoni pizza, and it was akin to something plucked from our dizziest daydreams. The slices were piping hot and smothered with enough ooey-gooey cheese to keep us warm well into the night. Praise be to Pizza Bus.

Trestle Tavern: Condense our fave doughy-delicious pretzels from Trestle into a bite-sized ball and throw in a beer cheese dipping sauce and you’ve got all the making of the tastiest party favor EVER. Thanks for partying with us, pals. We heart you lots.

Amour Cafe: Peaches and cream gelato, berry rose sorbetto, and coconut passionfruit sorbetto?? We’re not quite sure how the folks at Amour got their hands on our ACTUAL dream journal, but we’ll be singing the praises of these flavor combos for years to come. YEARS.

Chip: Warm, melty choco-chip and Samoa cookies are EXACTLY what we needed after all that savory grub, and your perfectly baked batches were the cherry on top of a delicious tour de flavor. Thank you. We love you. Don’t go changin’.

Kiitos Brewing: Your eclectic and tasty mix of brews (Coconut Stout? Blackberry Sour? Coffee Cream Ail??) kept our noses warm and our tastebuds happy. Also, much of the thanks is due to you for gettin' folks over to the dance floor, which brings us to our next thanks...

Avenues Prom Committee: Year in and year out, we hold you so near and dear to our hearts, APC. You brought the tunes, you brought the boogie, and you brought the rad, vintage music video montage to splash across the side of our building. We’re eternally grateful to you and your magic turntables, and we hope to see you holding down the 1s and 2s at functions forever more…

Of course, there are many unnamed heroes that helped to make the night a smashing success (tent poppers, table movers, disco ball hangers, and wranglers of all things, to name a few). The Brew + ‘Q, much like this here company, is the fruits of many-a labor. A COLLECTIVE effort, if you will. As with all the things we do, we couldn’t have done this without all of you.

Many thanks, tons of love, and we’ll see you next year.


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