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As part of our modern staging style for American Towers Unit 606, I’ve curated a selection of pieces by two local artists, Lydia Gravis and Colour Maisch, into this home’s design. Two wall pieces and several sculptures are currently placed in this listing for sale, and we’d like to extend this art-buying opportunity to our online followers and clients. 

I’ve featured both Colour and Lydia’s work in gallery settings for exhibitions, so it was an exciting shift to curate their pieces in a home environment.

Colour’s sculptures easily found homes in the well-lit windows of this high-rise condo, where I displayed them with books in lieu of pedestals. The moody hues in Lydia’s framed drawing fit perfectly with the living room design, playing off the deep blues and greys throughout the space. Learn more about each artist below and contact me for inquiries on these pieces, or to request assistance with art acquisitions for your home or office. 

Collective Orbit by Lydia Gravis is a 38” x 50” framed drawing made from acrylic, charcoal and graphite on paper. Utilizing simple materials, Lydia’s work “examines the inscape of the human spirit and the liminal space that exists between sensing and understanding.” She says in her artist statement, “I make drawings that transport viewers into these imagined realms of liminal psychological space. As I work intuitively, my drawing process becomes a responsive gesture, with each new mark reacting to the last. A lifeline that connects me to something beyond and within myself, my art practice is a meditation on the wonder that accompanies our beautifully finite human experience.”

Colour Maisch is another Utah-based artist who creates three-dimensional, monochromatic artwork focused on elevating organic textures from found and created objects. She says: “I work with traditional materials like porcelain, paper and ink, as well as less traditional mediums: drywall, industrial products, and foraged grasses. Compositions are minimal, and I rely on elements of time, evaporation, and seasonal weathering to mark the textures of these forms.” Learn more about Colour’s work from our recent studio visit. 

One Thousand Moments I Never Saw is a 38” x 27” framed mixed media piece with a simple yet striking composition. This wall piece compliments the sculptures on display, which include multiple pieces that can be paired together. 

While this property quickly went under contract, the art is still available! Contact [email protected] or call 540.290.4930 to see these pieces in person or to inquire about a purchase. 

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