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2021 | Resolutions from CHC

1/14/2021 | cityhomeCOLLECTIVE
Kerri Fukui

It's officially 2021, and while the first fortnight of this year has had a distinctly "2020"-mouthfeel, we're still grateful to be squarely in the month of fresh starts. Though the calendar is a man-made invention, there's still something to January that feels like a bit of refresh button—our cache may not have cleared completely, but we're hopeful that things will start to run a bit more smoothly. All of 2021 is stretched out before us, and there's a whole lot of possibility in the 50 weeks left until the next ball drop. 'Tis the time of resolutions, and we've got a few of our own:


More space. We promise to continue to find unique and beautiful ways to bring you the unique and beautiful spaces that surround us.

More of what’s real. your homes and our homes, regardless of whether they look perfect. We just want to highlight what works for you, and what it is that makes you feel at home.

more wellness. let's find those places in our city and state that make us a healthier, happier people. from the salty lakes to the freshest ones, the mountains to the deserts, and the built environments for pampering/care. we want to be immersed in that which makes us well...both as individuals and a greater community.

More of what YOU want. More feedback seeking, more fine tuning, more listening. We're here for you, and we want to give you what you came for. 

More shout outs. we're going to continue to shout the efforts of locals that are busting ass to make this community a better one (including local doers, makers, movers, shakers, et al...restaurants/businesses/leaders in the community).

more discussion. we want more provoking and inspiring conversations with thought leaders in our industires: more architects, designers, color theorists, and house therapists. let's learn!

more honesty. we'll Continue to love on the ways that SLC is crushing it and won't be shy about the areas in which we all need to keep working. 

more hard work. we need to ensure that all folks from all communities and backgrounds feel welcome at our collective
. we must continue to explore what "home" means, and how that changes—or doesn't—as the world around us changes. we also vow to bring more education and opportunities for homeownership to locals from all sides of the grid, including thise individuals who live in historically marginalized communities: that means more first-time homebuyer workshops and more credit repair classes.

more giving back. we will continue to put as much back into this community as we get out of it (and trust us...that's a lot.) and, on that note...

more accountability + opportunities to grow. if you see an area where we're slacking...let us know.

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