The Colony | Park City

Lauren Kerr
The vision was a house intended for wholesome living rather than a showpiece, a home that would embrace and embody our client's joie de vivre, generosity and spontaneity. A home that would highlight the unbreakable bond between architecture, the spaces that nurture us and provide us with shelter, where one can live in nature and with nature till the lines between the two become so blurred that we become nature. The expertly orchestrated layout of the home contains spaces that invite group gatherings and, at the same time, encourage individual contemplative experiences where one communes with nature. The architecture of this home is thoughtful, pure and poetic in its ability to achieve refinement without unnecessary embellishments. Nature is omnipresent and ingrained in every fiber of the home, not just through the thoughtful integration of interior and exterior spaces and placement of openings that highlight the surrounding views, but in the selection of materials that the interior is composed of—blond oaks with minimal protective finish preserving the inherent essence of wood, bespoke hand-finished metals that patina over time and exude that wabi-sabi quality of imperfect perfection, plasters that have been hand molded into sculptural shapes of colossal proportions (main fireplace), natural stones whose leathered surface only becomes more burnished and warmer to the touch, organic fibers and hand-woven rugs. And to embody a few features of this unique home, a bedroom that is entirely enclosed in glass and where one is waking up to unobstructed views of snowy mountain peaks while gazing at the warm glow of the fire, bathing in the oversized stone tub in the dimly candle-lit bathroom while dusk and early fall snowflakes descend on an oversized canvas-like window, laughter of friends that just skied down the slope and are trying to navigate their way into the custom built ski room trying to avoid pups that had their noses pressed against the window panes anxiously waiting for everyone to return.

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