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Top Pop-Up | Oak Terrace

9/25/2014 | Leigh Anne Bernal
Melissa Lipani

In true pop-up style, we gathered a few COLLECTIVE pals and clients in one of our most eligible Cove properties on Oak Terrace [a space that's been stellarly designed for entertaining, if we do say so ourselves]. The spacious gourmet kitchen and open floorplan of this casa would make any foodie swoon, and it proved to be the perfect spot for our unique shindig [can we talk about that island?]. As our chef du jour Katie and her team were putting the finishing touches on the noshes, signature cocktails were sipped by guests on the many [we lost count, really] private outdoor patios. The backdrop: stunning views of Mt. Olympus and our lady SLC. No matter your jam, you really can’t beat celebrating with friends in a fabulous space that seamlessly flows from the inside out [and hot damn, it was extra special with the fall colors just starting to 'splode!]. While there was plenty o’ house swooning from the crowd [did we mention this beauty is available?], an artful culinary extravaganza was unfolding. Sophisticated-yet-fun, Katie’s food is unexpected in both its flavors and presentation. More of that on the menu below, but let’s get down to brass tacks with one of our fine city’s most talented, creative minds: Katie Weinner.

The only time things got rough was when cooked vegetables were involved.

How did you get started cooking? I've always been interested in food. I remember being fascinated with making Orange Julius and anything sweet as a kid. I really fell in love with cooking after I took a job at Plumpjack Cafe in Tahoe.  I was exposed to fine dining cuisine and found my niche. I grew up on Midwest cuisine. My mom is a great cook and always had dinner on the table at 5:00pm growing up. We ate every meal together as a family. The only time things got rough was when cooked vegetables were involved. To this day I can't stand the thought of eating cooked zucchini, broccoli, carrots or the like!

The Salt Lake City restaurant scene has really exploded in the last few years, and shows no signs of stopping. What do you think makes our fine city interesting to culinary talent? Who do you think is doing it right? The economy and quality of life in SLC make it such a sweet place.  I think Bowman from Forage puts his heart and soul into his restaurant. I'm always up for a meal at Finca, Copper Onion, and Eva as well.

Unreal. Sweaty. Fun. 

You're kind of a big deal...what makes you want to call Salt Lake home? Rent is cheap. Snow is good. The community shows [my company] SLC POP a huge amount of support!

What is it like being on a reality TV competition series? Unreal. Sweaty. Fun.

What do you like to eat on a Monday night? Since I work at the Art Institute on Monday nights, I'm usually snacking on what the students are making. Or I'm eating brownies, chocolates, bread or anything else left over from other always, too! [editor's note: Katie later admitted that she succumbs to the occasional Trader Joe’s frozen dinner midweek like the rest of us...phew--she’s human!].

Caramel Whiskey, Kaffir Lime and Toasted Rice Milkshakes.

Tell us a bit about what you prepared for the cityhomeCOLLECTIVE dinner party: 1.) Smoke Jar of Farmer's Grapes, Figs and Olive Honey with Fennel Pollen Goat Cheese Mousse 2.) Fresh Creamed Corn with Popcorn Butter, Elk Ragu, Green Chile Chutney Creme Fraiche and Baby Heirloom Tomatoes. 3.) Braised Rabbit, Candied Olive-Marcona Almond and Tomatilla Salsa with Chile 4.) Chocolate Parsnip Puree Warm Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry Tea Shortbread and Compressed Burnt Ginger Pears 5.) Caramel Whiskey, Kaffir Lime and Toasted Rice Milkshakes.

Anything else you'd like to share with our people? Help find SLC POP a new space--we're looking! Like the fan page on FB! Watch the show! Contact us to host a Dinner!

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