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We have been 'qigong'-ing with Scott every week since the beginning of the year. I have to say it is honestly one of the highlights of my week. Close to fifteen years ago we implemented a little cityhomeWELLNESS program where we had our friend Chase at Vitality lead a class for our clients and colleagues. Over the years our resolve to both be well in body and well in home has only strengthened. I know the better we are in our health, the better we are in our homes. So, we gather as a COLLECTIVE every Thursday morning to move with Scott and the most meaningful review I could give him is that I feel different when we are done - more calm, balanced and alert. To move in community with purpose, in a container that feels free of ego and agenda, is all I could ask for when it comes to ritualizing beginning to the spring equinox. I'll be there Scott, with spring bells on.

In Qigong, spring is associated with new beginnings, new cycles of opportunity, relief of frustration and anger, forgiveness and the capacity to flourish. The human body is a dynamic health system that is adaptable and self-healing. Qigong mobilizes these natural capacities, resulting in a strong, sustainable balance of energy in body and mind. Join us this spring equinox to enhance your own vitality through the regulation of the nervous system and rejuvenation of the mind-body connection - together, let's flourish this spring!
The workshop is led by Scott White. He is a certified teacher of Qigong and Tai Chi through the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi. Scott has more than 30 years of experience and is passionate about sharing these ancient healing arts, self care strategies and health enhancement methods with students from all walks of life.

Self Care is Health Care.

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