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SL Design Week, 2020 | Multi-Dimensional

10/1/2020 | Darby Doyle

October means the arrival of sweater weather, pumpkin spice everything (fight us), and Salt Lake Design Week: the Utah AIGA design professionals’ annual showcase of the best-of-the-best graphic, digital, product, fashion, photography, architecture, and interior design. This year, they’ve made the responsible choice to hold most of the events virtually, with social media studio tours, webinars, and how-to workshops covering skills like animation, UX design + branding, and more. While registration is required for most events in order to get your paws on that coveted Zoom link, the events are free of charge. Seems like a big win-win for those of use who’d like to get an insider’s look at what’s current in design from the comfort of our remote campsite or cozy couch, bourbon-spiked pumpkin spiced latte in hand (don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it)...

lucky for you, our cityhomedesign team shared their must-do picks from this year's roster...

1. The 2020 100 Show Gallery is the AIGA’s annual juried competition, this year installed at The Gateway (10 N. Rio Grande St – exhibit will be in the old Sur La Table location). For safety the event space is limited to 20 in-person attendees at a time, masks required.
October 5th-9th, 4:00pm – 7:00pm | Tickets here

2. “Why Design is an Essential Job” open discussion. Join members of SLC’s design community at large on the subject of what makes for good design, especially during a pandemic.
Monday, October 5th, 5:30pm | Tickets here

3. Keynote Panel: “Designing a More Equitable City.” It’s no secret: the design profession has a long history of promoting a white narrative. How can inclusivity become a benchmark for a more just urban environment, and what does that process look like?
Tuesday, October 6th, 6:00pm | Tickets here

4. Virtual Studio Tours: Super Top Secret and Meta Designs. Our cityhomeDESIGN crew co-hosted a panel with the wicked clever team at Meta Designs last year, and we’re psyched to see what they’ve been up to recently (plus, we know that STS is always up to something cool).
Wednesday, October 7th, 5:00pm | Tickets here

5. “Rebuilding Community” is a panel discussion with local business leaders, including cityhome faves Missy Greis (Publik Coffee), Page Westover (Snuck Farm), Bill Coker (Red Iguana), and Tommy Trause (Evo Campus). The panel is hosted by the generous and talented folks at Lloyd Architects, a frequent cityhomeDESIGN project collaborator.
Thursday, October 8th, 6:30pm | Tickets here

6. Virtual Studio Tour: Afton Klein Group. This tour concludes a week filled with design studio videos posted to Vimeo from spots like Underbelly, Enlisted, The Shop, and more.
Friday, October 9th, 5:00pm | Tickets here

For registration links to all events, details/info, and the full event lineup visit the sl design week website here.

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