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The Skin You're In | Alkim Me

11/19/2014 | Lisa Elin Craighead
Darryl Dobson & PATW1N

When accessorizing for the holidays, and life, a sharply cut tuxedo blazer and a splash of No. 5 are always chic. A parched epidermis is not. As summer’s rotisserie-gold suntans fade, like leaves that go from dazzling to dead overnight, my personal Christmasakkah came early; a tiny bundle replete with long red tresses. I found Jesus in the basement. A few small, dark bottles of Alkim Me. The timing was perfect...I’d been in desperate need. Utah’s legendary weather was in full effect this year. That Indian summer October was ces' magnifique, but unfortunately that dry, shiny, clear air morphed what was left of my humidity-plumped skin into what passes for a decently-moisturized crocodile bag. The season of giving is encroaching, and it may seem like a treat to gift yourself glowing skin with product and peels. But it isn’t an indulgence, it’s a necessity. Our face is our calling card for business and love. Your face is what people see first.

No chemist. No chemicals.

Alkim Me is honed; an exquisite, organic line of skin saviours. No chemist. No chemicals. Everything sourced from the highest grade made, and done so right here in our fabulous city. As many wonderful things are apt to happen in this constantly evolving city of creatives, I met Kim Sevy, founder and maker of this divine line, via the connecting powers of cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. Two clients in the same hallowed building. Kim is plugged into the universe in a way few people are. Her catalogue of knowledge can be felt in everything she lays her delicate hands on. She has a deeply intuitive quality mixed with educated brilliance. Her stats are impressive, and her wisdom was accrued from 20 years in NYC, working with one of the most respected and talented dermatologists on the planet, Dr. David Colbert. Kim has the same clients when she dips in and out of NYC to treat the voracious Alkim Me cult that scramble for her magical facials, peels, and healing touch. Years of working on, and with, some of the most brutally demanding patrons to tread a NYC sidewalk led her to create, with great care and purpose, the Alkim Me line. But starting a business is fiscally ruinous in fabulous NYC. So she came back to her home state of Utah [applause, applause, applause].

two days later, the heavens open on your face...the glow has settled in.

Every month, Kim’s devotees head to her cozy, private, mellow oasis of a space at Art Space for her signature peel parties, private full-facial treatment, and to refresh their supply of magical liquids. The bewitching smell of vivid, fresh roses and being misted by what feels like liquid gossamer rose petals…this is nice. Her hands move quickly with perfectly coordinated precision as she atomizes your upturned face, neck and decolletage, rapidly followed with a golden slick of The Elixir. She smoothes it in, richly and aromatically erasing lines, dryness, tightness, and mental tension. You will literally look different after her peels, facials and using her products. Different, i.e. gorgeous/stunning. Those peels? They are practically charitable contributions to beauty society. Kim does them every month and charges $25. A pittance for these normally very, very pricey, skin make-overs. Sloughs off the dead, high altitude, overly-sunned, dried-out crackly stuff, de-wrinkles, plumps, brightens and tightens. You look absolutely normal just after. Then two days later, the heavens open on your face...the glow has settled in.

Time to buy local, kids…the season has begun.

Our devilishly handsome founder [who is firmly planted in his masculinity] took a moment from his stop-the-insanity timeline to get the full shazaam facial and treatment. Three luxurious hours of Kim’s top-to-bottom regime that literally transforms your epidermis from a saggy old paper bag into the coddled perfection of Jake Gyllenhaal. Cody's favorite aspect of the product line? "I like that I feel like I'm actually feeding my skin rather than piling chemicals on my face. I love that it comes from a totally organic source." His favorite part of the 3-hour facial? "Kim taught me about the nutritional side of all of this; she told me to do things like eat more flax seed oil and berries, so I did. And wouldn't you know...just today someone told me that my skin looked good. Alkim Me works. I'm glowing like a pregnant lady." Did he feel the magic that Kim has a way of imparting via her touch? Meditation and Kim....these are the legal ways to euphoria. I was floating like a damn kite." So, yes. Yes, he did. Cody’s epic facial and peel may be over, but the transformation has begun. Tis’ always the season for lit-from-within skin. We had a chat with Kim to find out precisely why these products are of the heavens. Time to buy local, kids…the season has begun.

Alkim Me/Kim Sevy Skin | Product Line | Email

Is it possible to conquer the bone-dry air of Utah? This question is probably why the gods sent me back to Utah. In NY and CA, there is moisture in the air and this makes for juicy, sexy skin. Here in stunning Utah, this super dry climate leeches water from our skin constantly. Mixed with sun, skiing, and all the outdoor bounty and winter heating, it’s a disaster. Conquering comes in a few forms: hydrate internally with water, foods like cocount oil, avocados and berries, and make sure to use a humidifier while you sleep. This is a big, but simple skin tip that a lot of people overlook. Once you start this, you can’t go a night without one. Balance all that with the nourishing ALKIM ME Collection. I call them the Four Essentials for a reason--they all work together to balance, protect, fight free radicals, hydrate and then deeply hydrate.

What is the simplest route using Alkim Me and the service you offer? My tip is to get the regular (affordable) peels, which help your skin with cellular turnover, thereby making your products work infinitely better. Use your skin care twice daily, and if you're super dry, then double up on your Serum and Elixir. That’s what I do. My personal favorite way to apply the products is something like this: Wash face, don't dry it (just pat off excess water), MIST MIST MIST, shake and apply C, brush and floss teeth while the C sinks in and does its magic, followed by three pumps of Serum (I add three drops of Elixir to the Serum and apply all over). One extra pump of Serum and pat around under the eye area. Last, apply three more drops of Elixir to the skin...this really helps to seal in that moisture. But personally, I have the DRIEST skin ever!

What is modern Alchemy? Modern Alchemy, to me, is infusing magic into the mundane. I like to bring beauty and nature into my daily life. I juice often, douse myself in lovely potions made from essential oils and floral waters. Alchemists sought to transform lead to gold. Making something even more beautiful and useful. Today we are bombarded by negative or heavy stuff in our products. My process refines by letting go of what is no longer needed or serving us.

Oils are a huge trend in beauty the last few years. People are finally recognizing they are invaluable, no matter what their skin type. Why are oils so magical? Basically, they're nature's crack! Oils are magical because, when extracted properly and organically, they are the purest essence of what is good for you. They can never ever totally be recreated, unlike chemical ingredients, and they get to the root issues of the skin. Despite the fears people with oily skin have, they don’t make you oilier. They balance oil and hydrate dryness. They are foods that feed our skin phytochemicals and antioxidants. Pure, magical creations from the earth. It’s hard to keep it short. There is just too much to say about oils. I LOVE them.

The violet bottles are so chic and dark. Dramatic. But what do they really do? They block out the harmful light that breaks down and degrades the products and allow in the violet light which amplifies the energetic elements. They're not just bottles...they become an active ingredient in the products.

What’s superfluous in beauty? Oh my god. So much is superfluous in beauty. This is a business that so often manipulates people. It takes the area most people are so vulnerable with and says, "if you don’t do this or use this, then you don’t care about yourself." Beauty is so simple and simple is SO POWERFUL. We need hydration, balance, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. We need to treat our skin with care and tend to it like our bodies--put in what is necessary and leave out what is not. Skin care is like nutrition, and our skin is our largest organ. If you put it on your skin, you're essentially eating it. But beauty is a BIG business and it's easy to feel like more is still not enough.

How did you discover what your passion was? I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t passionate about beauty and self care. I didn’t even realize it was a passion; it was just me. I was on a trip in the middle of the Nevada desert with friends, and I was making the sun-soothing balms and helping people with their skin. Someone asked me if this was what I did for a living, and it blew me away. I had never thought of it before. I always thought that what you did was separate from who you were…but I returned from that trip and enrolled in the Aveda institute the next week.

How did something for yourself become something for everyone? I’ve always made little potions and elixirs for myself, and of course, I would share them with close friends and family. It wasn’t until after leaving NYDG that I took on the making of a product line that would work for everyone, regardless of age, skin type, ethnicity, gender etc. I took my favorite ingredients and made a list, then I researched everything like a possessed person. I pared it all down to a line that combines science and nature, then I took a solid year for testing after making the products until results were consistent. Side note: both the Mist and the Elixir were products I developed years ago.

You're more like a beauty clairvoyant…so plugged into nature and life. What are your inspirations and influences? I am inspired by nature. Plants, flowers, smells, herbs. It sounds silly, but I am obsessed with organic simplicity. I love mint and rosemary and dill...they are so incredibly amazing. I long to have a greenhouse where I can grow my own edible flowers and herbs year-round. I'm also really into scents and oils [ask anyone who knows me!] I travel with a small container of oils that helps me shift my mood and brings me joy. I've been influenced by my friends and family. My sister, Alesha, has been one of my greatest influences, and my friend, Kourtney Streb, has been one of my greatest teachers. I love spending time with people and really connecting. It's really powerful for me…it helps me to create. My clients are also very inspiring; the difficulties and challenges they face make me seek out answers. I want to create simple solutions or remedies, even if that's simply a mist or oil blend, or a juice recipe to help lighten the spirit.

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