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Salt Lake Elevated | Body Shop

9/22/2016 | M. Draper

True, at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE we sing the praises of immaculate design and amazing homes. You know this. But we also firmly believe everyone is entitled to loving where the live, and loving who they love, and loving themselves, too--and we try to champion that cause any chance we get. We wholeheartedly support personal growth and empowerment, and continuously strive for betterment (not to be better than anyone else--granted--but just to be our best selves). Naturally, we love supporting those local businesses and people who share that philosophy, who help others to grow and find their own radiant, fabulous uniqueness. Thus, in a world of harder/better/faster fitness and instant gratification, Salt Lake Elevated is a breath of authentically-fresh air and breezy-good vibes. Elevated doesn't simply want their patrons to hit a mile marker and meet a weekly weight-loss goal--they want their members to love themselves from the inside out. And from the moment you step inside the foyer, it's immediately clear that this isn't "just a gym". This is a space of abundant acceptance and support. Comfy seating, light incense, and a clean, loving vibe throughout the entire space--it's all just begging you to let go of the shit that's bugging you and take of yourself (and your health) for however long you need it.

The Elevated difference lies in an approach that balances physical, nutritional, and the mental wellness

The gym's founders--personal trainer Jazmin Martinez and holistic nutritionist Lindsay LaPaugh--are an infectiously positive duo. There's palpable love in every class they teach. After bonding (over a shot of whiskey) at a fitness retreat, the two quickly became friends, and it wasn't long until they decided to bring the synergistic style from their previous place of work (at another gym) to their own, envisioned space. A magical, kismet-fueled mix of timing, community support, mutual admiration, and just the right amount of chutzpah struck...and the two landed happily in the perfect space (ahem…they also had a stellar realtor on hand to help). The Elevated difference lies in an approach that balances physical, nutritional, and the mental wellness--because these gals know that no matter how much you're killing it in one area, it takes all three to be healthy. They make sure you have all the tools you need (including bio-individual nutritional counseling and Reiki energy healing). Throw in a judgement-free arena and an insatiably-good mixtape, and we're sold--mind, body, and soul.

Salt Lake Elevated Grand Opening (RSVP) | Saturday, Sept. 24, 6:00pm | 675 E 2100 S

"it takes a team to do it, and you need to lean on other people"

Break it down for us--what makes you different than other, American Gladiator-style gyms? Lindsay: We don't take ourselves so seriously compared to a lot of other systems. There’s nothing wrong with other ways of doing things — we have a lot of clients who are paleo or vegan or gluten free and that’s fine, but we aren't a gym that promotes things like that. One thing I work with my nutrition clients on is bio-individuality; every single person’s body responds differently to food, and we aren’t all built the same. The most important thing is to get people listening to their body and understand what their body is telling them, and find health-giving foods they enjoy and fitness classes that they love and that they want to go do.

What words of wisdom would you bestow on someone about to embark on a journey to wellness? Lindsay: You have to be selfish, you have to be willing to make yourself a priority above everybody else, and you need accountability. I need people to motivate me and give me accountability — it takes a team to do it, and you need to lean on other people and be able to put yourself out of your comfort zone and say “I need help with this.” And it also really helps to find a community where you are excited to go, and fitness classes that you love where no one is going to care if you ate pizza or whatever last night, and we really try to offer that kind of space here where you are supported instead of judged. Jazmin: You really don't need to be in shape to go to the gym--that’s one of those myths that drives me crazy. Like, duh, that’s the point of going to the gym is to learn now to create that foundation! We need to focus more on being happy with ourselves as we are. Even as instructors, we don't have to have these perfect, sculpted bodies--I’m not about to miss out on my chocolate and my cheese because I have to be some kind of an image. I still feel strong and enjoy how I look, and of course there are goals. But what we focus on is creating those goals and helping meet those goals. And we are doing it together. Something we always tell our classes is that everybody is different, and have different things that you need to work on. You do do, and we’re not going to judge you.

"We really want to offer a safe and accepting space for everyone"

While you are welcoming to everyone, you definitely have a feminine energy at play in your space. Tell us a little about how this is reflected your business. Jazmin: The feminine energy that we have, we created at the previous studio and it followed us here because we created this bond and that connection. It’s something that some people need in order to be able to make it, and sometimes people need to be brought into this kind of space full of like-minded people in order to succeed. I mean, it’s not for everyone--some people really like their Crossfit or whatever else, and that’s fine. But we definitely know what we want to bring to the table, and in every class we show and express that. The people that are coming here right now are so fucking incredible. And that inspires me, and also makes me want to come here and teach class because I know that they appreciate me and I appreciate them, and we are all going for the same thing: personal happiness and self-love. Having enough self love and self appreciation allows us to focus on our goals and reach them together. If anything defines us, it’s that vibe and understanding of how we can meet goals as a community. Lindsay: True unity among women is so inspiring. I mean, we’re not opposed to men; we have a couple male instructors, and we love their energy and respect what they bring to the table as well. But we want people to come and be who they are, whatever it is they are that day--whether they are a hot mess that day or feeling themselves that day, we want them to know that they are a badass no matter what because they got up and out of bed and came in to work out with us. The feminine at work here is to not judge, and to allow everyone to listen to their bodies and do what is comfortable and enjoyable for them.

What else are you doing that has you excited? What do you want people to know about? Jazmin: Something we like to emphasize is focusing on youth. Kids are so important! On Thursdays right now, we have classes for LGBT+ youth, to help them understand what health is and how to be active and what to do so they can make right decisions as they get older. And it’s amazing, with the kids I’ve worked with so far in that class, what an impact it has made. Hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to add more youth programs here so parents can come and sit or take the class with their kids so everyone is learning and growing together. We really want to offer a safe and accepting space for everyone where no one is going to be discriminated against or looked at funny, where they have a supportive environment where they know that they’re not going to get picked on here. They can do whatever they want and come and learn and be in a happy place where they can learn to love their bodies, and that means a lot to us.

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