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Mill Building | Open Studios

5/5/2022 | Cody Derrick
Lauren Kerr | Kerri Fukui

Long live the artists. And long live our town’s collective art!

Our community has been producing beauty from the bones of despair and death these last few years. The Utah art scene, since our state's founding, has been struggling to emerge untainted and free, in a place that has oftentimes required an extra push for truth to be honored in all its visual, tactile and audible forms. Oftentimes, freedom to express in conservative states, deserves mad respect and encouragement. Those of us who create from scratch know that true art tells the truth and truth comes from the depth and the height of the artist's innermost, everything. 

So, as we continue to transmute our world’s suffering as best we can, into wisdom, then passing it on for the world to see, we too, would like to invite y’all to visit the studios of a handful of friends, fellow artists and ally-interior lovers. Join us in celebrating the arts and supporting the artists who deserve to know that what they are creating matters to us. Because it is a beautiful reminder that when life gets gnarly and we don’t have a lot of extra life force to give to the world, for those who are spending that energy to create beauty for the rest of us, our applause and praise is the least that we can do. And a purchase, well, I am sure that would be well received too. 

Much love, see you at the Mill Building Studios. And a sincere thank you, to all of our makers and creators in this beautiful place we all get to call home. 

Artist Open Studios Friday, May 13th,  5pm -10pm // Saturday, May 14th, 10am-2pm and 5pm -10pm // Sunday, May 15th, 10am-2pm

MILL BUILDING Studios | 244 WEST 300 NORTH SLC | located at the north end of the parking lot

Mill Building Artists: Portia Snow, D Hake, Dallas Graham, Kent Miller, Michael Aberman // Guest Artists: Carlisle, Colour Maisch, Regina Stenberg

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