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Life in Your Space | Emigration A-Frame

5/5/2022 | Brian Tripoli
Kerri Fukui | Lauren Kerr

There are few greater pleasures than spending time with good friends. This Emigration Canyon retreat served as the perfect backdrop for a handful of us to gather, commune and yes, roast s’mores! With Emigration Creek lulling us from across the way and surrounded by eleven acres of undisturbed forest, we felt as though we’d been transported to some magical sanctuary.

Emigration Canyon is one of those special cuts of earth.

It’s easily accessible - just twenty minutes from the city; its eight, winding miles of cycle-worthy asphalt is well maintained. And for those disinterested in the chammy or the bidon, there’s Ruth’s Diner and Emigration Brewing Co. Both are fine eats and as good as any downtown spot. Add to all that, this is the gully our valley’s founding fathers first came through.


As for the residence, its curbside appeal is striking.

Its aggressive roofline and expansive wall of windows demands your attention. Inside, the three primary spaces – the dining, living and family rooms-- are oriented to take full advantage of the natural light. As cozy as the combined spaces are, we found ourselves drawn to the outdoors, the patio, the pavilion and the seemingly endless amount of greenery. We were struck by the tranquility and serenity of the property, especially considering we were so close to the city. And, as the sun slipped beneath the horizon, the only light to be seen was from the stars overhead. Indeed, this place is magic.

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