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Life in Your Space | Blooms on Blair Street

Signs of spring are showing up in all areas of this place we call home; new tree growths, flower blooms, green hill sides, chatty birds, backyard games, long adventurous walks, umbrellas and deep rains are becoming a part of our everyday environments. It feels like deep rejuvenated energy flowing around our city. Do you feel it?

At this charming Blair Street home, you can feel the pulse of this energy more than any artery in this growing and blooming city while still feeling tucked away; it’s one of the many reasons it makes this home a hidden gem.

9th South sits right below it, and the number of shops and community growth is abundant.

You will find new bakeries, coffee shops, bookstores, consignment shops, workspaces, ice cream, pilates, yoga, restaurants and more surfacing just as quickly as spring has. Liberty Park is a skip away and like always, is one of the magnets for collective migration, attracting picnic havers, book readers, rollerbladers, badminton players and tree rope walkers.

9th South, also known as Harvey Milk Blvd., has easily become one of the most family friendly and conveniently located places to build a life and home in Salt Lake City. I dare you to take a walk down 9th South this weekend and let us know how this spring bloom is looking for our community and this season.

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