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Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday friends of mine, John and Ashley, and I discovered this gem of a bungalow in the heart of Liberty Wells. We knew we’d found a diamond, but it was definitely one deep in the rough. Fast forward nearly a decade, and life has called these beautiful humans to the PNW (SLC will soon dim just a bit). 

When I stopped by recently to talk about getting their oasis ready for sale, I hardly recognized the place. So much so I drove right past it. Twice. Their home has been utterly transformed; John and Ashley have been busy. One of the biggest changes, and probably most dramatic, are the improvements made to the exterior. Why this home doesn’t show up, first page on Google when searching “Curb Appeal” is beyond me.

The landscaping has been completely overhauled. Gone is the grass, replaced by  loads of beautiful, waterwise xeriscaping, an irrigation system, generous garden boxes plus a sturdy cedar fence. They added large, concrete pavers to make the space more functional and rain gutter chains for whimsy. They re-stuccoed the foundation and replaced old siding with new cement board planks.

Have you ever seen a more perfect blue?

The interior saw no less attention.

One challenge we’d discussed when they purchased the home was the main bathroom. It was too small and poorly laid out. Turning it into a dedicated en suite bath (there’s a second bathroom on the main floor for guests) and putting in new electrical, plumbing, tilework, vanity and lighting, this new lavatory is about as luxe as it gets. The original kitchen had promise, but it, too, was dated and lacked functionality. Now, with new windows, new custom cabinetry, new countertops and backsplash, stainless steel appliances and a wonderful coffee nook (me, there, all day long), it truly is an entertainer’s dream. 

They’ve done more to the home– loads more– and I could go on, but suffice it to say, this bungalow has been so well loved on, so well shaped into the space that suits and reflects the humans (and animals) who live in it, it’s almost a shame to see them let it go. 

So, what do you do when decade old friends tell you now that they’ve got their home all gussied up, it’s time to move on?

Well, you round up a bunch of homies, and you eat hot dogs. That’s what you do. We will miss you, John and Ash.

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