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8/10/2016 | Cody Derrick
Videographer: MP Cunningham

Being a realtor is tough. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, you technically "work for yourself" and "make your own hours," but the reality isn't all that glamorous. Every morning, the business calls start coming in around 8:00am (scratch that--make it 6:00), and every night you've got calls coming in until 9:00pm (scratch that--'til midnight). Vacation becomes "working remotely" and time-off becomes…mostly non-existent. Honestly, it can be such an absolute shit show. But the reason I can't stop? The reason I'm so enamored with my job? It's because I love houses like this one. Yes, of course, the clients are beyond fantastic. It's all because of you (thank you). But my eat/sleep/breathe-style obsession has always been with beautiful properties. A few years back, we sold this particularly stunning home on behalf of our clients. We then helped the new owners with the flawless remodel, and even consulted on design. So yes, we love this house. And yes, I'm a little bit partial. Interesting architecture, modernism, design, the city, the views--I could talk about this house all day. Like, actually all day. Kudos to our videographer (@mp_cunningham) for bringing the pieces together beautifully, after cutting out 98% of the footage (really, I talked about this place for two hours straight). It's new territory, yes, but as we humbly reintroduce ourselves into the world of video, we're finding that when it comes to content, we're not at risk of falling short anytime soon. Without further ado, enjoy this tour of Kristianna Circle...

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