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Holiday Photos | Take Your Pic

11/20/2018 | Katie Bald
Michelle Watts

Date: 11/30/18
Time: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Location: CHC HQ, 645 E. South Temple

The holiday season is approaching faster than Clark Griswold on a just-greased tin sled, and we know that odds are your time is spread pretty thin, these days. Between shopping, party prepping, wrapping, and errand-running, there’s hardly time to take a breath and actually enjoy these chilly days and cozy nights. So in an effort to alleviate a bit of your seasonally induced stress, we’re setting up a cityhomeCOLLECTIVE photo booth in our lounge. Why? Because you still need a photo for your holiday card and because we want to see that pretty mug of yours. Who’s snapping pics? A couple of our in-house photogs, including @japanese_hair_farmer of COLLECTIVE Insta fame. How much? Why, it’s FREE, of course (but we’ll also accept donations and gift them to charity for you). Bring your pups, partners, rugrats or roommates, and we’ll supply the merry waiting room atmosphere (complete with hot cider, donuts, and a festive film of some sort). You just bring your handsome self—preferably in your cheesiest Christmas sweater—and we'll send you the (assuredly stunning) digital copy of your two best shots within seven business days. Post it up. Mail it out. Laminate and puffy paint a copy for the tree. 'Tis is the season to be merry, folks, and we just want to help you spread that cheer.

Appointments are encouraged, but not necessary. Starting Monday, November 26th, call (801) 718-5555 ext. 4 to reserve your spot.

now...put those bells on and get over here.

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