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As we prepare to usher in a new year, there are so many things to consider. How do we want 2020 to look? What should be different for us, personally, professionally, or otherwise? How can each of us act as a more productive, participatory, and empathetic member of our respective communities? We all want to be inspired in some way, be it to change or progress, to move on, to level up. To do the hard things that will ultimately make us better humans, better friends, better partners, employees, or neighbors. And as part of this growth process, we should welcome help in all its many forms. A little outside perspective never hurt anyone, and we should welcome that, too. In fact, the concept of "welcoming" is one that encompasses hospitality, empathy, acceptance, kindness, and love. And we could all do with a bit more of all of that.

to that end, we have a little announcement..

The first Friday evening of every month in 2020, cityhomeCOLLECTIVE will host an ongoing discussion about WELCOMING led by local and national experts. WELCOMING CHANGE in our bodies and minds. Designing and creating homes, buildings, and public SPACES THAT WELCOME collaboration, creativity, and satisfaction. WELCOMING joy and healing. Nourishing families and institutions that WELCOME DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION. Innovators and technologies working towards more WELCOME HABITATS for all the species on our planet.

Welcome to Salt Lake City's community of thinkers and doers.

First Fridays will be free and open to the public, as it's our hope that each of you will find a "welcoming" topic that speaks to and inspires you. And we're beyond thrilled that Thomas McConkie, founder of Lower Lights and a COLLECTIVE favorite exemplary human, will be our inaugural First Fridays series presenter on January 3rd, 2020 (reserve your spot now at the link below). Through his thoughtful teaching and generous community-building example, Thomas exemplifies the values that our series theme of "Welcoming" seeks to explore throughout 2020.

The Lower Lights non-profit organization bridges Thomas’s experiences traveling the world twice over, studying Buddhism for over 20 years with the likes of Shinzen Young and Sasaki Roshi, and his innovative research in adult developmental psychology with Dr. Terri O’Fallon. Building on these themes, Thomas will lead a discussion about Welcoming A New Self, Welcoming New Connections that we’re damn near giddy with anticipation about being a part of in January and beyond. He’s passionate about helping individuals understand their capacity to grow, and expanding the scope of caring awareness from self, to community, to the world, and all of creation. An approach he believes has never been more crucial as we face the challenging times in which we live. Learn more about Thomas McConkie and the Lower Lights community at lowerlightswisdom.org. Please come prepared with an open mind and generous spirit, as Thomas is planning an experiential exchange where participants can explore this territory directly.

Seating is limited; reserve your spot by registering here!



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